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The word ‘cheating’ means different things to different people, especially when it is happening within an otherwise monogamous relationship. There’s the inappropriate and probably very intimate conversation between two people, which many say is emotional cheating.  There are instances where someone has kissed somebody else and the perpetrator doesn’t consider it cheating because it didn’t go any further, but the partner is hurt and absolutely considers the act to be wrong.  

Did Brad cheat on Jen? Did Angie cheat on Brad? With who??? Just by looking at the tabloids we can see how hard it is to figure out what constitutes as cheating, whether or not someone is doing it, and if they are, then with who. 

Unfortunately, cheating on a spouse or partner extends beyond the world of the Hollywood stars. Perhaps it’s even snuck into your life. When you suspect someone of cheating it can be very difficult to figure out how to go about handling the ordeal.  Perhaps you’ve suspected something and have approached your partner and he’s flat out denied the allegations. Maybe you just have a gut feeling but can’t actually find any giveaways and have yet to broach the subject.  

How to Catch a Cheater

Your proof is in the phone

Cell phones were originally called ‘mobile’ phones for a reason.  They come with us everywhere. They’re our companions and witnesses to our lives.   

A big part of covering up an affair involves the cell phone. The secrets are hiding in the phone.  Beyond the proof of phone calls and perhaps the careless calendar invite, your best bet at catching your cheating partner is in his text messages.  

But it’s not that easy

In an easy world you’d open your suspected cheating partners phone, you’d input the password that you know is your partner’s, maybe it’s even your date of birth, and right there on his home screen would be a text from the person of interest, explicitly saying things that give away their secret.  More likely, however, your partner has taken the necessary precautions to not lead you to his discretion.  

If your partner is suddenly glued to his cell phone like never before, that’s a telltale sign of infidelity. He may have changed his passwords.  You might not even know exactly what you’re looking for. Catching your partner is not a simple task.

Who Uses Text Messages to Cheat

Steps to catching your cheating partner 

Get the phone

Perhaps your partner once slept with his phone in the other room, or happily left it in the kitchen while he was relaxing in the family room. If your partner has never been very attached to his phone and suddenly can’t live without it for a moment, this may be a sign that he’s up to no good. A cheater may suddenly become very protective of his cell phone. He needs to be on high alert, knowing that at any moment you could uncover all of his secrets with the click of a button.  And for that, your first step in catching your partner committing his crime is to get a hold of his phone.  

Figure out how to get in

Did you and your partner used to share everything?  Maybe his passwords were the same as yours or even the numbers of significant dates in your relationship.  If your partner isn’t being a reckless cheater then he’s sure to have changed his password without sending you the memo.  You’re going to need to watch him like a hawk, perhaps over the course of several days, to figure out your cheater’s new password, or at the very least, snatch his phone for a moment once he has already unlocked it.

Cheating Text Messages

Know what to look for

Congratulations! You’re in! Now what? Don’t expect the contact to be labeled ‘person I’m cheating on you with.’  More likely, he’ll have his partner in this crime saved under the name of a friend, someone who names you hear a lot and have no need to check in on. Use your precious time inside his virtual world wisely.  Think fast and start looking for what you came in there for. Find your proof! Once you click on the right text conversation it’ll be pretty easy to see that you found what you were looking for. Maybe a meeting will have been set, provocative words exchanged, or even photos.  

Find out who the person is!

Don’t expect to feel relief after finding the proof. On the contrary, it’s going to raise a lot more thoughts and questions and fuel your curiosity. Like with everything for which we work hard and get our adrenaline racing, you can expect to have a quick moment to bask in your achievement, but then you’ll remember that you probably weren’t actually hoping to find what you did. You thought you would but you hoped you wouldn’t.  

Now it’s time to find out who this person of interest is. The easiest way to do that is to use a reverse phone number search.  Yes, that’s a thing and yes you might be on your way to becoming Sherlock Holmes. Doing a reverse phone number search is like using a phone book in the exact opposite way to how you usually use it.  Just take that number he’s been texting with, enter it in a reverse phone number service and voila, you’ve just found your second criminal.  

So there you have it. You’ve used text messages to figure out that your partner has been up to no good.  Nobody can tell you what to do now that you have this information but it will probably involve a good amount of internet stalking.  Wishing you the best of luck! 

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