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Flirting for Fun and Flirting with Intent

Flirting vs. True attraction – How can you tell the difference and know if he really likes you or is just having fun with you?


There is a lot of difference between flirting for fun and flirting with intent. Flirting for fun is not a serious activity. It is just to kill time and temporary. Flirting with intent is to consider the opposite person for a serious relationship.

The first meeting may just be limited to the attraction. He seemed very much attracted towards you, but nothing beyond that happened. This is the difference between flirting and attraction. Attraction is just physical appearance. Two people do not really know each other.

How Do I Know if He’s Just Flirting?

The most important sign of a man’s interest is meeting. If he does not agree to meet, then think that he is doing time pass or casual flirting. He will message and then suddenly disappear. It shows that he is not serious.

A person who is seriously interested will not limit the conversation to the text message. He will insist on a meeting. Messaging is a very lazy way to keep in touch. It is not a serious sign of dating. Texting cannot replace dating and meeting in person. In the process of texting, physical presence is missing. Hence, one does not know the expressions and emotions. It is a written communication form.

Differences between Flirting for Fun and Flirting with Intent

A man who has a serious intention will not flirt casually and disappear. He will ask for your contact number and will also get in touch with you within a few hours. He will ask you for a date so that he can spend more time with you. He is inquisitive about you and wants to know more about you. He will ask more questions regarding you, which shows that he is really interested in you.

If the man is genuinely interested, then he tries to impress you and also make you smile and keep you happy.

For him, your happiness is of the utmost importance. He wants to be your companion, as he enjoys it. He will constantly ask you for a meeting and calls you very often.

A flirty person is a lot of fun to be around. There are many flirty men who are actually serious about being in a relationship. But, it is important to see his body language. His actions will show his interest level in you. This is the way you know that he is really into you.

Flirting Versus Attraction

If you meet a man who flirts with you, but never asks you out, then please move on and do not take him seriously. If you chat with a person online, who just sends you flirty text messages continuously, but never asks you for a date, then please move on. If the boy only wants to meet you once in a week, then please move on.

All these are symptoms of a person flirting without a long term objective. Don’t get attracted to him. He may be fun-loving and have a sparkle in his eyes. You may feel that he is totally interested in you. But, if he does not call you for a meeting, he is not serious about it.

He may also be talking to another female at the same time and flirting with both. These are serious signs of flirting for fun. Hence, be careful to choose a partner with is flirting with intent and not just for fun.

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