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Effects of Infidelity on Divorce in Arkansas

Infidelity is the worst nightmare for every married person. It is a breaking of the trust one person has on the other. In many instances, it acts as the foundation of breaking a wedding relationship. Are you in Arkansas? Do you feel dejected about your partner’s infidelity? Are you planning for a divorce on this ground? The good news to you is that the law is on your side. The court can consider infidelity as a factor in breaking a marriage in Arkansas.

Self-Retrospective Questions

Are you planning to break the marriage due to the infidelity of your spouse? If yes, you will have to ask yourself certain questions. Here are the questions:

  • Has your spouse spent the marital funds for developing the affair?
  • Are you presently dependant on your spouse? If your spouse’s infidelity alone forcing you for a separation?
  • Were you separated from your partner during the affair?
  • Do you have minor children? Have you and your spouse protected them from the extra-marital relationship and associated disputes?
  • Is the person involved in a relationship with your spouse ready to appear on your behalf as a part of the separation?

Find answers to the questions mentioned above. Then, you can know whether your spouse’s infidelity will put you in a favorable situation in divorce.

Effects of Infidelity on Divorce in Arkansas

What Role is Played by Adultery in Arkansas Divorce?

Infidelity has a special role to play in the Divorce Law in Arkansas. According to this code, infidelity is a basis for divorce. This rule applies both to regular civil weddings and covenant weddings. The latter is the same as the former. But, the difference is that in the latter, the partners would have obtained premarital counseling. Your spouse might approach you to end the marriage for infidelity. However, the Arkansas Code will not permit it in the following instances:

  • The infidelity happened because you planned it with your partner.
  • The intention behind the adultery of a spouse is divorce.
  • The victim has actually agreed on it.
  • When both spouses involved in infidelity.

You might not be able to get a divorce on the ground of adultery in the cases mentioned above. However, your spouse can apply for separation for other reasons.

What to Know About Alimony Rules in Arkansas?

To help with the financial rehabilitation of a spouse, the Arkansas Court might award alimony in fixed installments. This might happen for a specific period as per the court order. This grace period is for the dependant spouse to adjust the living alone. The court uses different financial factors to decide on the Arkansas Alimony awards. However, the judges will consider only factors that are appropriate to the rehabilitative goal of alimony in the state.

Effects of Infidelity on Divorce in Arkansas

Factors Considered When Deciding the Alimony Award in Arkansas

As mentioned earlier, financial support to the dependent spouse is the aim of the Arkansas Divorce Laws. So, when deciding on the alimony award, the court will consider the following:

  • The longevity of your marriage.
  • The age and health of you and your spouse.
  • The future prospects, education, training and career history of each partner.
  • After the divorce finalizes, the value of assets and debts that each partner will get.
  • Whether you or your spouse left the career for taking care of the growing children.
  • Whether you or your spouse supported for the professional education of the other.


During a divorce, the court will not intend to punish the spouse for infidelity. But, the court aims to help the financial dependant victim spouse to rehabilitate. So, this factor alone will be considered by the Judge when deciding Alimony. It means that the alimony award will not in any way be affected by infidelity.

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