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Cheating Statistics in the State of Florida

Although the state of Florida is synonymous with gorgeous sand beaches and Mickey Mouse, there are plenty of other tourist attractions as well. It offers a perfect holiday destination for the entire year and is the perfect place for enjoying a laid back family-friendly vacation.

Florida Divorce Statistics

The state had the 7th highest rate of divorce in the country according to a report published by the Census Bureau. Tampa Bay and Miami are two such cities in the state of Florida that had the highest rate of divorce among the top 10 cities of the United States of America. Out of 50 cities in the United States with the highest rates of divorce, 11 cities are located in Florida.

Around fifty thousand couples file for divorce annually and the rate of divorce has been high in the state consistently irrespective of what the country’s trends are. The divorce level is falling but the figures are increasing in Florida. It has been seen that there is typically a direct correlation between the elderly population and the rate of divorce in the state.

Another reason for a high divorce rate in Florida is that there are several migrants in the state who lack strong social support backing when they are in a new location. So, they may face more difficult to solve their marriage-related issues in a new place in the absence of relatives’ and friends’ emotional support. Cheating is also regarded as another major reason for couples getting divorced in the state. Incidents of betrayal or when the spouses catch a cheater may lead to a divorce.

Florida  Cheating Statistics

Following are the top 10 cities that have the maximum rates of divorce in Florida:

  • South Pasadena
  • Cape Canaveral
  • Orange City
  • West Miami
  • Bay Harbor Islands
  • Holly Hill
  • Gulfport
  • Vero Beach
  • Tequesta
  • Stuart

Florida Marriage Statistics

Many of you would be aware that the marriage rates in the country have been on a downward trend for many decades now. The latest trend is significant when one compares the statistics for marriage and divorce. The number of divorces was around half as that of the number of marriages in 2005.

Florida Divorce Rates

It has been also observed that young adults marry late in comparison to their previous generations. It is likely that their aim is to know one another better rather than tying the knot in haste apart from their professional ambitions. Another reason for delayed marriage is to prevent divorces as much as possible. Also, a large percentage of young adults have seen their parents going through a divorce. So, they are better aware of the big price for rash and quick marriages than anyone. The rate of marriage in the state of Florida was 7.8 per one thousand residents in 2017. In 2010, the rate of marriage was an all-time low of 7.3 according to the Department of Health of Florida.

Florida Inter-Racial Marriage Statistics

The state has a high rate of inter-racial marriages. However, its localities feature less diversity as opposed to their Western counterparts. Another reason for an increase in interracial marriages in the state is its close proximity to military bases. After all, it is a known and accepted fact that inter-racial marriages are more prevalent among military personnel than among the civilians. Southeast Florida’s Census data suggest that the rate of inter-racial marriage is possibly less than Brevard County. However, it is still more than the average than the United States.

Florida Social Activity

The state offers several opportunities for social activities. However, in order to engage in any kind of social activity, a person has to meet many requirements in Florida. The Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy & Mental Health Counseling gives licenses to social workers for engaging in social activities in Florida.

Florida’s Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage, and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling licensed social workers in the state

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