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How to Move on From Being Cheated On?

Being cheated on can shatter your psyche.

It's difficult enough for most people to break apart amicably. When you discover your partner left you for someone else, the whole situation can stab at the most delicate, protected parts of ourselves that long for unconditional love.

Everyone wants to be loved. While we can't choose what the future holds, we can always choose how to react to the things that happen to us.

Let's explore some of the best ways to move on after being cheated on.

Don't play the blame game

No relationship is perfect. Your partner might deliver an onslaught of arguments in your direction about how the relationship was falling apart and that your inadequacies are at fault.

But none of that matters after the deed is done.

How to Move on from Cheating

All discussion of blame is useful before everything falls apart so both partners can take steps to salvage a bad situation and heal the relationship.

But there's little chance of mending things once a partner irreversibly breaks the other's trust. Without trust, there is no relationship. Ignore the blame game and move forward instead.

Forget keeping a scorecard of who's right and wrong. Let it go

The best way to move on is to live a full and wholesome life, not let yourself engage in more fights and blame deflecting. Remove the cheater from your life.

Emotionally purge yourself

After removing the cheater from your life, you want to change your environment. You need to ignore things that trigger unhappy memories and instead settle into a nice, robust support group instead. If you don't recognize your emotions and find an outlet to release them, you'll never be able to begin the healing process.

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking are lies. They pretend to be coping mechanisms but all they do is temporarily numb the pain while they permanently increase the damage in the long run. Toss them away and resort to spending time with friends, hitting the gym, and embracing your social life once again.

For immediate relief, simply find a safe place and vent your feelings. Cry, scream, do whatever you need to do.

Do what your body demands

Once you've spent your emotions, you'll feel a clarity descending onto you.

The catharsis will make you stronger. You'll be able to see your situation with much more clarity and think of what you need to do to move forward. Releasing your emotions will give immediate relief, and even make you stronger.

How to Move on From Being Cheated On
Change your mindset

You might never get over what happened. But you will always be able to manage and control the pain.

Time will eventually accomplish the real healing, so you need to simply let the emotions pass through and try to move on. However the previous chapter in your life ended, you can decide how the next chapter begins. You are a person of value, and you deserve to create new memories filled with happiness and joy.

Don't label yourself as a victim. If you do, you might label yourself as helpless and fall into a negative loop. The past is over, and the less you think of yourself as a victim, the more time you'll be able to spend on actually doing the things you want to do and live your life again.

Build yourself anew

No one can ignore their emotions and suppress them. The trick is to accept all your feelings and accept what happened, happened. Once you stop rejecting what happened and wishing things were different, it lets you live in the present instead.

Once in the present, you can rebuild yourself by taking away what made you weak and keeping what made you strong. Mistakes are only human. After moving on from this relationship, you will become stronger, smarter, both in body and spirit.

Rebuild yourself by spending your time in productive endeavors

Make new memories and reject the pain your relationship brought you while you improve yourself to be better and stronger than ever before. This is the only power you have as a person. This lets you live through mistakes and come out of them better than ever. Once you rebuild yourself, you'll surprise yourself at how unrecognizable you are.

Build yourself anew to defend yourself against pain while embracing the things which bring you joy once again.

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