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How to Track SMS Message: SMS Track

SMS Tracking tips and SMS tracking apps that you should know!

There may be a lot of reasons why you resort to tracking a loved one’s text messages. One of the main reasons why people track text messages is usually for safety, to ensure that your child or spouse is doing what they say they’re doing and that they are going out as intended. When you put a tracker on your loved one's phone, you can track and read their messages, without them finding out.

What is an SMS tracker?

If you are a busy partner or parent, who leads a busy lifestyle, it would be a good idea to get an SMS tracker to be in the loop with your partner and/or child’s life. There is a lot of SMS tracking software that can monitor actions.

how to track sms messages

How to track SMS?

1. How to track SMS messages on an iPhone

In order to SMS track an iPhone, you need to get Dr. Fone- iPhone Data Recovery, which is a tool that enables you to get access to the phone and you can take any type of information that you want, including SMS. Here’s a step by step guide to tracking SMS messages for free.

- First, you download and install the Dr. Fone app onto your laptop/computer, then you can proceed to launch the tool and connect the iPhone.You can proceed to “recover from iOS Device”.

- Then, you carry on and click the “Start Scan” option.

- As the scan reaches completion, you will find all the data that is displayed in another window, and then you can choose to select SMS messages and select the “Recover to computer” option. After which, you can read the text messages at your leisure.

If you do not have access to the iPhone, you can also SMS track through iCloud backup files.

SMS Track

2. How to track SMS messages for free on an android phone

There is a Dr. Fone app for Android users as well, you can use this tracker in similar ways that an iPhone does. Here are the steps you can follow as a guideline;

- Use a USB cable to connect to your laptop after you install the Dr. Fone app onto it.

- Your phone will detect the tool on the device and then you need to select the type of file that you want to scan, in this case, it is SMS after which, you click on “Next” option.

- You will continue on to analyze the device and choose the advanced mode or standard mode.

- After the tool scans the phone, you can choose the texts that you want to read through and select the “Recover” option and save it.

SMS Tracking

3. How to track SMS messages online for free using TruthSpy
This app is a complete tracking system that can monitor Android phones. You don’t need to have the phone physically to track the texts, you can do it all remotely through calls, GPS locations and so on.

You can use this app by installing it onto your device and then sending the link to install it to your child/partner’s cellphone and TruthSpy has been programmed to automatically get installed onto that device in incognito, so your loved one will never know as it will be happening in the background.


4. How to track SMS messages from another phone by using SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is another tracking software that uses other data including WhatsApp messages, phone calls, social media along with Text messages to track someone. Here are the steps you can follow to track SMS using SpyMyFone;
- First, you have to subscribe to SpyMyFone by purchasing a subscription and then selecting what you need from the website.


- Then you will receive instructions on your email, with details on how to install the app. You can install the app on the device that you wish to track.

- After you install the app onto the target device of your loved one, all you need to do is log into SpyMyPhone on your computer or phone and check the SMS

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