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Is Flirting Considered Cheating?

There is a lot of debate into whether flirting with someone while being in a relationship is considered cheating or not. For one group of people, flirting is qualified as harmless fun, and there is no harm in keeping your game well polished. On the other hand, there are a group of people who say that flirting is signaling to potential mates that you are interested, single, and ready to mingle.

So, what is flirting supposed to mean?

The common consensus regarding flirting is that if you are emotionally and physically invested in your partner, there should be no reason for you to let your eyes wander. However, some people believe that as long as your partner and the third person is aware that this is just some harmless fun, and that you are not feeling insecure about this issue, then flirting should not put a dampener on your relationship.

Is Flirting Considered Cheating

What Do You Feel?

However, there may be some cause for concern if your partner has hidden their flirting exploits from you. If this is just some harmless fun, like the state, why aren't you privy to this fun? In addition, have the two met behind your back, or is this just something that your partner does when they are bored? Most importantly, how are your instincts feeling about all this? The gut feeling of a person is never wrong. If you subconsciously feel that something is wrong or your partner is hiding something from you, then it is usually the case.

Should You Draw the Line?

No one appreciates being told what they can and cannot do, especially if they have repeated time and again that this is just some harmless fun, and you are being insecure for no reason. However, if you feel uncomfortable with this or plainly, just do not like it, it may be time to tell your partner. However, the way you tell them matters most. Do not confront him or accuse them, as they may cause problems between the two of you. Explain to them, as calmly and maturely as possible, that their behavior makes you uncomfortable, and you would rather they stop. They may defend themselves relentlessly, but if they truly love you and understand your emotions, they will try to stop.

Is Flirting Cheating

Why Flirting Is Wrong

For some time, let's take a definite stand and talk about why flirting while in a relationship is wrong. Flirting, by meaning, is when you have a sexual interest in some person and are trying to get them to have the same reaction towards you. Flirting is breaking boundaries, which are set by a committed relationship- which is, you should not purposely entice other people of the opposite gender towards you. In addition, when does harmless flirting stop and when does the matter get serious? Your partner may not have feelings, but what about the other person? How fluid can this boundary be?

Suppose you are aware of the fact that your partner is flirting with someone else, but brushed it off as fun. And one day, you catch the two in bed. Sure, this example may be extreme, but is it improbable?

In truth, you do not have to physically be with someone in order to cheat on your partner. Emotional cheating has become a serious issue, with more couples breaking up because of it. Maybe your partner is trying to find the spark that the two of you once had- with someone else. Maybe it should be time for you to stop considering this as fun, and take a more definite stand against the flirting.

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