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How to Know if Your Girl is Dating Other Men?

You’ve been dating your girlfriend for a while now and yet you can’t shake the suspicion that she is cheating on you. One question keeps doing the rounds inside your head – is she dating other men? You haven’t confronted her yet, as you don’t have any evidence for doing so. However, if you think your girl is cheating on you, you should look out for cheating signs. What cheating signs? Signs she is cheating on you without a doubt. How do you know? Here, allow us to help. Is she dating other guys? If you notice the following, she probably is –

Unmistakable Signs She is Cheating on You

  • She’s putting in more effort on her appearance – If your girl was more the sort who’d be lounging in pajamas, even when you would take her out. However, suddenly you notice her fishing out her dresses from the dark depths of her wardrobe, she is probably trying to impress somebody. That somebody is not you. Your girl is probably cheating on you.
Is She Dating Other Guys
  • She’s spending more time than usual in the bathroom – Ever thought why this could be? If your girlfriend would usually spend 15-20 minutes in the bathroom getting ready every morning and spends almost an hour locked inside now, it is among the most prominent signs that she’s cheating on you.
  • She’s changed the password to her phone – If you and your girl had an open-phone policy and suddenly you find her phone locked/inaccessible to you, be suspicious. The sudden need for privacy could only mean that she no longer wants to share the conversations she’s having with you. It’s probably because she wants to hide that she’s having the kind of conversations she shouldn’t be having while in a relationship. Is she dating other guys? The answer can only be a loud, resounding “yes!”.
  • She wants to take things slow/keep it casual – Your girl couldn’t be happier when you offered her a commitment, but suddenly she doesn’t seem interested in honoring the commitment. If she’s asking you to “take things slow” or “keep it casual” all of a sudden, after being exclusive with you – have no doubt, your girl is cheating on you.
Cheating Signs
  • She’s arguing with you a lot lately – If your girlfriend begins to increasingly pick fights with you over non-issues, it is probably because she wants to find a way to end your relationship but not be blamed for it. It is possible, that she’s also constantly comparing you with the person she’s cheating on you with. Still wondering, is she dating other men? Know that she probably is.
  • She comes home late a lot – Another of the classic signs that she’s cheating on you. If your girlfriend is often late now, “returning from work” or “back partying with her friends”, know that she’s lying to you. She’s been out with her new squeeze. You can confirm your suspicion if she won’t return your calls while she’s been out.

Now, that You’re Aware of the Cheating Signs

.. there’s only one thing to do – confront her! Don’t let her get away with betraying your trust like that. If your girlfriend is a serial cheater, chances are she’ll have excuses galore to explain her changes in behavior. Don’t believe her. We’ve listed the most common signs of cheating up above. If your girl is cheating on you, she will most definitely be exhibiting at least a few of these cheating signs. Go on now, have that conversation. How else will you know where things stand with your relationship?

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