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Signs of a Cheating Spouse

You know what your spouse is, don’t you? If there are sudden changes in his/her behavior, you can notice them instantly, right? Well, most of you can make out or suspect there’s something wrong when your spouse does not behave or relate to you in the same way as before however there are some definitive signs that you need to be aware of to find out if your spouse is cheating or about to cheat on you. Read through.

Changes in sexual life

If your spouse is intending to cheat on you, he/she will show no interest and avoid engaging in sexual activities with you. In several cases, sex life becomes practically non-existent. Your spouse may also seek excuses to spend weekends or nights away from you.

While this is the case with most spouse cheating cases, some cheaters also try to cover up their wrongdoing by having more sex or playing different sex games. So, watch out for the signs and stay alert!

Is Your Spouse About to Cheat on You
Changes in behavior

No romance, no conversations, no fights. Yes, you read it right. If your spouse does not get romantic, avoids talking to you or not even interested in getting into a fight even over your provocation, something is seriously wrong. Your spouse might also engage in a new hobby, become conscious of his/her appearance but don’t want you to comment on the same. He/she may spend long hours at work in order to avoid your company.

Changes in attitude

Your spouse will be thinking of cheating on you if you notice that he/she is often experiencing confusion and low self-esteem. The person also talks negatively and condemns you for no reason. In addition, your spouse gets very attentive and defensive if you raise doubts over his/her affairs/fidelity. When questioned, you will not receive a satisfactory response.

Lying and avoiding

You will realize that your spouse is often lying to you. He/she doesn’t enjoy your company anymore and avoids going out with you. He/she seems secretive and you feel as if you are sidelined; your spouse is not bothered about children or their education. Moreover, he/she even abandon your religious faith.

Your spouse loses interest in issues relating to your home besides becoming lazy. Several individuals trying to cheat their spouses will also be indifferent to family parties such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Signs Your Spouse Could Be Cheating
Money issues

Well, this is another big change you can notice right away! A person about to cheat on his/her spouse stops financial planning which was until then the top priority in the house. His/her credit card statements do not make sense to you while money becomes an issue between both of you.

Change in the use of technology

Your spouse does not prefer using shared devices. He/she reduces his/her activity on social media or backs away from it altogether. You can be sure that your spouse is trying to cheat on you if he/she often clears the browser history on your home computer. Your partner uses his/her gadgets more frequently that are locked with new passwords and yes, you are not supposed to question that!

Judgmental towards you

Your spouse points fingers at you; he/she blames you by probably telling that you are not the same person anymore, are not exciting in the bedroom or seem boring of late. He/she likes nothing you do and looks for opportunities to push or blame you.

If you notice one or more of the signs mentioned above, it means your spouse is about to cheat on you. The signs may vary in different relationships but a large number of threads remain the same.


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