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Dating a Married Man Tips for Your Friend

If your friend is dating a married man, she should know this

Is your friend dating a married man? If that is the case, then the best way to discourage them is to advise her not to even think of starting it/. At the same time, such a tip may not be so easy for your friend. After all, your friend might say that she could not help falling in love with that married man.

Make her realize that she is lonely on most of the occasions and spends a major chunk of time waiting for her married boyfriend to come and meet her or call her. Let her know that there is very little possibility of her chances of being happy in this uncertain relationship. The article highlights some dating a married man advice, which can come handy for your friend.

However, tell her that when she is involved with a guy who is already married and is the husband of someone else, the uncertainty and challenges can make her life complicated, messy, and a sad waiting game, which she can rarely win. Following are some of the tips you can give your friend so that she realizes the pitfalls involved in dating married men.

My Friend is Dating a Married Man

1. Tell your friend that he keeps your relationship secret in all likelihood and there will be always such secrecy
Make your friend understand that while she may acknowledge love for her married boyfriend openly, the latter might not reciprocate in the same manner. Although he will not be averse to making love to her and shower her with gifts, he would definitely not like her to meet his close friends or let his family know about her.

2. His family’s needs will always be his first priority
Your friend should realize that her boyfriend’s family will always be his first preference including his wife despite their affair. Just because he speaks about his marriage in a negative manner does not signify that he regards his responsibilities towards his wife lightly.

Irrespective of whether he still loves his wife or not, he will always feel responsible for his wife and children. Her boyfriend and his wife have a life together that includes a social network and friendships, which are his comfort zone. He would not like to lose that.

Dating a Married Man

3. She should realize that her boyfriend would not abandon his wife
According to statistics, less than even 5% of the guys abandon their wives for a woman they are dating or in a relationship with. There can be several major reasons for this including religious beliefs, financial and legal complications attaches to a divorce, or they are comfortable with the status quo. Also, they may still have affection and fondness for their wives. Another important point your friend should realize is that whatever she may like to believe, her boyfriend could still have physical intimacy with his wife.

4. Tell your friend that he could be a nice man but still is still a temporary amusement for him
It is the most difficult one out of all the dating a married Man tips and can also be an emotionally disturbing one but is a bitter truth. Any affair is naughty and full of romance in the beginning. It can be a fascinating event to plan for being together. Stealing time from her work or even house to spend some time with her boyfriend can be thrilling and having a secret physical relationship can be exciting. However, her married boyfriend can soon find it an ordeal and he may even get bored with her. The “magic” may soon ebb for him and he can even stop meeting her once that happens.

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