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 Married a Married Woman Tips for Your Friend

If your friend is dating a married woman, he should know this!

There are several men who love dating a married woman. Whenever you say “My friend is dating a married woman”, it will surely raise eyebrows. It is true that love does not depend on age, sex or even your marital status for that matter but even then there are some disadvantages of dating a married woman. And if your friend is in such a situation, then you should point out the disadvantages to him and see whether he understands his current scenario or not. Some of the things that you can tell him are listed below.

There is always a question of morality

Dating married women always questions the morality of the people involved. Ask your friend to put himself in the shoes of the woman’s husband. How bad that man would feel when he learns that his wife has been cheating on him! It will also affect her children if she has any. Tell your friend that if he is spending time with a married woman, he should be keeping it in his mind that he is deliberately breaking someone else’s family.

My Friend is Dating a Married Woman

Your friend will always be the second option

Tell your friend that is he is dating a woman who is married, the woman will always put her family first no matter what. Moreover, to avoid a public fiasco, she might even deny knowing your friend at all. So, your friend will never be able to feel what it is to be someone’s ‘one and only’. He will always remain the second option. This is because in most cases, no matter how much she says she loves you, she will never leave her husband for you.

She is having multiple sex partners

If you are giving your friend dating a married woman advice, one thing that you must definitely tell him is that the woman is having multiple sex partners. Your friend must not be under the illusion that an extra-marital affair means the woman is not sleeping with her husband. She is sleeping with both men. So, if your friend really loves her, he shouldn’t be really okay with the fact that the woman is going on sleeping with another man.

Dating a Married Woman

There is no future to the relationship

Remind your friend that their relationship doesn’t have any future. It will end sooner or later. Your friend should be practical and not let his emotions take control of him. If he truly wants a future with the married woman, he should be discussing it with her openly. The woman, in most cases, would say no to any stable future with your friend because she already has a family which she won’t compromise. If you are giving dating a married woman tips, then tell your friend not to expect anything long-term. The woman might make some false promises to be with him but when it actually comes to testing those promises, she will back off.

It can be risky

Dating married women can be risky. This is because the husband or any other family member of the woman can accuse your of an extra-marital affair and then drag you to the court. You will get trapped in a case. Your life will be destroyed and the woman will not be able to do anything about it. Moreover, the husband of the woman can even abuse you physically is he gets the chance.

It can be exciting to date a married woman but is it worth the price paid by you? The answer will be no in most cases. So, make your friend understand that there is so much more to life than just sticking with someone who isn’t willing to fully stay with him.

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