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My Girlfriend is Unhappy: What Should I Do?

Understanding is crucial for any relationship to flourish. It helps if partners are vocal about their feelings, expectations or wants. Communication is therefore crucial. Sometimes, it so happens that a person might be ready to listen and discuss but their partner is not willing to. Women are intuitive and are seldom on the receiving end. Men are usually found wondering why their partner or girlfriend is unhappy in the relationship. More often than not, boyfriends come across this tricky terrain than most married men because it is during these courtship days they are still getting to know the woman of their dreams, her many moods, her various preferences, her work, her friends, family et al.

Unhappy Girlfriend

The times when your girlfriend is angry with you

Find a boyfriend who has never seen his girlfriend unhappy. You will find plenty. See, it is a common problem. If you have already realized your girlfriend is happy, you are on the right track. Many boyfriends take pretty big hints and longer time to realize that. If you have done something that you know could upset your girlfriend, then definitely there will be ways you can sort it out and make your girl happy again.

Times when you have no clue of what could be the reason your girlfriend is upset about, that is when you need to be cautious, sensitive and responsible with your actions and words. Because you do not want to hurt a loved one who is already in a state of pain, emotional or otherwise. There could be various reasons for the distress a girl can go through in a relationship. It is important that you show that you are there for her, to support and care, to assure you love her.

An occasion you find your girlfriend upset and you sense something terrible has occurred

There are circumstances where her agony can be vanquished by your involvement, if she does open to you about it, maybe after your persuasion. However, there are some battles, which your girlfriend might choose to fight alone, and may not be upset with you because of it. She is just upset overall. In times, like that you may have to give her that confidence and stay at a distance, caring but not interfering.

Why is My Girlfriend Unhappy

Be cautious not everyone is genuine

There are cases where girlfriends get terribly upset frequently and use their boyfriend’s concern to manipulate them. So be wary of such habitual negative people who suck out your happiness and get upset with you for silly reasons and demand that you comply with their whims.

If girlfriend appears unhappy for a longer period of time

When your girlfriend doesn’t seem happy at all in the relationship, no matter what you do to make her happy, then chances are, there is a compatibility issue which is not yet realized since the physical attraction is stronger. It is also possible that she is just sticking around with you until she finds someone, or she might be feeling guilty of hurting your feelings and so tries to remain in the relationship that doesn’t give her joy.

In such situations, you can take a step back and analyze the relationship and what it means to you. Then, try to communicate with your girlfriend and reason out if you both want this relationship. If yes, then take steps together to work on the relationship. If no, then bid each other well and move on. Because, at the end of the day, each of you in the relationship must feel loved and respected.  

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