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Love signs: We list the top signs he is not cheating on you!

Top signs that he is faithful to you!

Every relationship has its ebbs and flows. When something goes wrong in a relationship, each partner creates a mental picture based on assumptions of what probably was the cause. There are many who become unnecessarily paranoid in relationships. The fear that your partner is cheating on you might be one of the toughest fears to overcome. But there are definitive signs he is not cheating on you.

He doesn’t get defensive

No matter how hard you try it is hard to conceal doubt. If you blurt out or confront your partner about the possibility of cheating your partner might not be too defensive. People who find themselves in a position to take the blame might express strong emotions and the reaction might not be pleasant. If your partner seems to be confused rather than angry then it probably means that he is not cheating after all. At such times it is difficult to fake it. You are likely to get an honest reaction.

Signs he is not cheating on you

He doesn’t get nervous when he talks about girls

Men who flirt openly and those who are vocal about their friendships with women are easier to trust rather than those who are secretive. Talking about other women doesn’t make a man nervous if he is not cheating on you. When he is honest about his relationship with his colleagues and friends who are women chances are that he is not cheating. These are signs that he is faithful to you.

He doesn’t mind sharing his phone lock passcode

Of course, there is the whole ‘maintaining privacy’ aspect but being overprotective of the phone should be seen as a red flag. On the contrary, if your man doesn’t mind if you look at his phone or if he shares his passcode with you these are signs he is not cheating. These are signs that he has nothing to hide from you.

signs he is not cheating

He loves spending time with you

The luckiest woman is one whose partner goes against all the odds to take out time for her. If your man shows genuine interest in you and your life and spends as much time with you as possible, then he is not cheating on you. If he has another life, another partner then he would constantly be running late for your dates or will always have excuses to give. When a man loves a woman and when he is true to the relationship then he would make time for it.

He is honest and transparent

Little fibs here and there are prone to be present in most relationships but not huge lies. If your partner is honest, if he loves to share his stories and his encounters each day then he is not likely to cheat. In fact, if you notice that your partner who once used to tell you everything suddenly seems a little secretive that can indicate a tiny possibility that he is cheating on you.

signs he is faithful

He doesn’t complain often

Men with too many complaints and unfulfilled desires in any relationship are likely to cheat. Therefore, if your man doesn’t keep complaining about every little thing at home, if he appears content in your relationship then it is a sure indicator that he is not cheating on you.

He introduces you to his family and friends

When people are in love and feel good in their relationship, they are not shy about it. If your boyfriend is serious about you and faithful to you, he will want to introduce you to the people closest to him. Also, he will not be awkward if you accidentally encounter his friends and family because he has nothing to hide or be ashamed of. So, if your boyfriend is serious about making you a part of his life, he will do so by letting you into the lives of the people who are important to him.  

Watch out for these signs: These are the signs he is faithful in the relationship. If you still sense a distance, there might be something else that needs addressing. When you have your doubts in a relationship, it is always better to have a heart to heart conversation rather than walking around with a heavy heart. Clearing your chest would also help improve your relationship with your partner.

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