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Women Signs of Cheating

When you do something surreptitiously like cheating, you don’t want to be caught. Men and women are similar when it comes to cheating, but there is a fine line between the two. Here are some signs of infidelity in a woman.

  • Staying late at work should send you alarm bells, but don’t get too stressed out, she may just be working. If you feel that something has changed - she is working way too long at the office, you may be right, there is a tell. Find her tell.
  • She is very effusive with her praise for anything that you do, even if she loathed it in the past. Perhaps she is not proud of her behavior, or wants you to know that she has your back, even while she is on her back elsewhere!
  • A spouse who spends more time on her appearance is probably trying to get on the cover of a magazine, wants to look good, or is getting it on, outside the relationship. If she is making too much of an effort, something is not quite right. She is probably sprucing up for someone else.
Signs of Infidelity in a Woman
  • For a person who did not travel on the job, she insists that her portfolio has expanded, but with the same salary! That should signal alarm bells as one of the signs of infidelity in a married woman. Your spouse may insist that she is working hard to get up the corporate ladder, but she may be on top of old smokey!
  • Instead of spending quality time together, she is always on the phone or the laptop citing work pressure. A stay-at-home-mother does not, not stray. She may meet other people in the park while taking the kids out. Maybe another man or even another woman. There are signs of a woman that cheats.
  • She may start criticizing everything that you do, things that she loved about you before, which can startle you. For instance, saying something in bed, that is hurtful. When she makes excuses too often, not wanting physical intimacy with you, read the signs.
  • She flips the table on you with claims that you are cheating! Once she is caught, she may pin the blame on you citing that you were the reason why she strayed. You can bet that there will be waterworks with you apologizing instead of her.
infidelity in a Woman Signs
  • Places that you visited together do not interest her. It should send alarm bells that something is not quite right. She may be a cheater! To get your facts in order, go to those very places when she is not home, supposedly at work, you may find her with her new playmate.
  • Being overly sweet and generous should be a dead giveaway. Both men and women who cheat tend to be overly loving and amorous with their spouses. They probably know that the person they are bonking is good fun, but the one back home is the one for the long haul.
  • The women signs of cheating are consistent. She changes the password on her phone. If she doesn’t have anything to hide, why should she have a new password in the first place? That should tell you that all is not very well.
  • When there is a lull in the conversation and neither of you is able to get past this stage, finding solace in the arms of another is not the answer. But, the fact is many people do stray and with the unlikeliest person! When your spouse looks bored all the time with you, shows no interest in what you do, read the signs.

If she talks a lot about cheating, you need to listen up and hear what she has to say. It could be a confession!

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