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Are They Thinking About Cheating? Here Are the Signs!

No relationship is perfect, but sometimes you find your gut instinct screams at you that something is wrong even though you can't find any logical reason to believe so. When your partner thinks about cheating on you, it never happens in a vacuum. There are always common signs and behaviors to look out for that show the tell-tale sign of infidelity.

If you find yourself wondering if your partner is cheating, read on to see if you can spot any of the following red flags in your relationship. Remember, where there's smoke, there's usually fire. Finding more than one red flag is a huge indicator of infidelity.

They're physically transforming right before your eyes

Sure, your partner can adopt healthy eating and exercise habits to improve their health and longevity, but it's also possible they're widening their options in the relationship instead. The first step towards that is improving their looks. Your partner might not even have cheated on you yet. They might not even be planning it.

Signs Your Partner is Thinking About Cheating
But they might have found someone that caught their fancy and getting a physical makeover is the first step towards getting noticed and exploring that possibility of seeing someone else.

New perfumes, deodorants, clothes, or secret underwear in the closets that they've never worn for you are tell-tale signs that something is off.

Watch out for the dressing the same around you, but adopting a completely different style when it comes to work and social outings.

They're protective of their cellphones and computer usage

Emails, chats and webcam sessions can all take a simple emotional longing and a stupid day on the internet and push it towards real-life cheating instead.

If your partner has changed their password, or you can't log in to your shared laptop to find their email address logged in anymore when they're normally forgetful about that sort of stuff, it might be a red flag.

Combine that behavior with long periods of absence where they don't contact you and don't seem reachable, then it definitely improves the odds of them cheating. They're controlling their tools of communication because they don't want you in the loop.

They're suddenly the best partners ever

Contrary to popular opinion, all cheaters don't become bitter, vengeful and angry the moment they cheat. Many people find a tremendous sense of guilt once when cheat and attempt to assuage their conscience by being extraordinarily nice, considerate and transforming into the best partner ever.

Signs Your Partner Could Be Cheating

They might be willing to overlook all your flaws and things that normally set them off in a rage no longer seem to upset them at all. This might be because they're not really invested in the relationship with you anymore.

Unexplained psychological projection

If your partner suddenly accuses you of cheating out of the blue, then it might be projection at hand.

Cheaters do have one trait in common: They tend to be distrustful people.

They assume the worst of people and would rather cheat on you instead of being cheated on instead because that's how their untrusting, unfaithful minds work.

They might cheat given an opportunity, so why shouldn't you? Their argument is formed from distrust and cynicism, and they constantly listen to the devil on their shoulder instead of the angel and assume everyone else does so as well.

By accusing you of cheating first, it lets them look morally superior and lets them go on the offensive first. If you'd caught them, they'd have to be on the defensive and that's sure to make them look guilty.

This tactic of projection and accusation is a method to control the conversation and keep you on your toes.

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