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Learn How to Stay Friends with Your Ex Husband

Once you go through the painful process of a divorce, your husband would now be an ex. The relationship is now over and both of you can move ahead with life. Your focus can be on getting on with your life, focusing on your career, or even starting a new relationship. The question arises what about your ex? Do you forget or remain friends?

It all depends on how your relationship ended. If the divorce was acrimonious and bitter, then probably it would be foolish to expect to stay friends. However, if the relationship ended harmoniously then there is no reason not to be friends. We have the answer to a common question, which is How to Stay Friends with Your Ex-Husband.

Staying Friends with Your Ex Husband

There are two aspects here. One is whether you are planning to start a new relationship, move on, and still be friends for the sake of old times. The other is a hope that things may change and your friendship with your Ex Husband may once again lead to love. You may even have a hope of restarting a relationship with your ex. Whatever may be the reason, you may have decided that you would like to remain friends with your ex.

Here are some Divorce Tips and tips after the divorce that will firstly help you decide whether you want to stay friends and if so, how you would do it.

How to Stay Friends with Your Ex Husband

  • When you are about to complete the process of the divorce, make sure it happens amicably. Put aside all the bitter feelings and the negativity and shake hands and complete the process. This would help you end the spousal relationship and hopefully move on to Staying friends after divorce.
  • Once your divorce is done, take some time off. Don’t rush into any decision. Don’t even try to contact your ex immediately. Let time heal things and allow you to move ahead first.
  • After some time, you can either wait for your ex to make the first move or you can reach out. Start out by connecting on social media or use messaging. You can even meet casually at a party or at a usual meeting place. If you have children, then you may need to meet more often and you can be friends because of your children.
  • When you meet, keep the conversation general. Seen you know about each other’s interests, focus on that and avoid talking about old memories or about the divorce and its aftermath.
  • Don’t make the mistake of getting intimate with an ex. It can cause you more pain. Remain as friends and stick to that, unless both of you genuinely decide to get back together.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable, then it may be good to back off. Step back and allow things to become normal before you decide to proceed with your friendship.
  • You may decide to take your friendship to another level. Only if there is a genuine affection on both sides, you can consider going back to the old days.
  • Your ex may be in a relationship with someone else. If that is the case, decide whether you want to continue the relationship or drop it. It would be the same case with you. In case you start a relationship allow your ex to decide if you want the friendship to continue.

The answer to the question How to stay friends after divorce is that you need to wait for some time and then start being casual friends. Do it without expectations, so you can be good friends for a long time.

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