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How to Catch a Cheater. Cheater Phone Track!

Tips on Identifying Weird Behavior Patterns with Your Wife!

While it is the men who have to go through accusations of cheating on their wives, the truth is that today, the percentage of women who have been unfaithful in their marriages have also gone up by 40% since 1990. However, contrary to their husbands, they are quite good at hiding their secrets. As such, it is quite impossible from time to time whether a wife is adulterous or faithful in the marriage.

So, when a woman can hide her tracks so well, you can find out whether she is cheating on you or not? Before engaging in confrontations with her, you need to observe and ask yourself that ”my wife is acting suspicious or not”. Hence, watch out for these suspicious wife activities mentioned below to catch on your cheating wife.

Suspicious Wife Activities
Is Your Wife Lately Staying Late at Work Quite Frequently?

It could be one of the most common cheating wife signs when your wife claims to spend extra time at her office lately. There are various such occasions when women keep telling their spouses that are working late at the office to cover up their extra-marital affairs. It could be also possible that she is frequently staying at the office to spend more time with a colleague with whom she has got romantically involved.

Your Wife’s Mobile Phone Is Often on Silent Mode

You may observe that your wife acting suspicious as she is keeping her phone in a silent mode lately. It can be a sign that she is communicating with her love interest over the phone and so keeps it on the silent for avoiding any questions related to texts and calls.

Your Wife Is Unwilling to Let You Take Care of the Laundry All of a Sudden

There is hardly any wife who will discourage her husband from doing the laundry at home unless there is some kind of an ulterior motive. Such an odd request can be related to her cheating on you. After all, the laundry could be concealing certain hidden symptoms of her affair such as bills for her romantic dinners or fragrance from a perfume that you do not use.

Your Wife Has Lately Stopped Posting Pictures of You on Social Media

Is your wife lately removing all proofs of your presence in her life on social media? Has she stopped posting pictures with you online? There could be a high possibility that she is purposely doing it so that she appears single or available on social media.

Suspicious Wife Activities
Your Wife Addresses You by Some Other Name While Sleeping

There are many who are careless at times and even has a massive slip. If your wife calls you by some other name while both of are you in bed albeit accidentally, and does it from time to time, chances are that she is wishing that you were her lover.

Your Wife Treats You Like a Friend Rather Than Her Lover

Is your wife treating you more with affection than exhibiting her sexual desires lately? It can be a red flag if she treats you more like a friend these days. Also, you are observing that she has stopped using any of the endearments she did earlier.

Your Wife Is Extremely Keen to Learn about Your Whereabouts

While your wife was quite sporting earlier and was not so keen on knowing about your whereabouts, you observe a strange change in her now. She keeps asking about your schedules and whereabouts. A big reason for this could be she needs to be where of where you are so that she can accordingly plan her secret escapades with her new boyfriend.

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