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10 Cheating Boyfriend Signs Every Woman Should Recognize!

How Can I Tell He is Cheating on Me?

“I am probably just being paranoid.” “Stop being that insecure girlfriend.” “But I love him.” Do you say these things often? The real question bugging you then it probably is if you can tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Knowing that someone you love has been cheating on you can be the worst feeling ever.

We would always want to walk away from that news even if all the red flags are in front of our eyes. Toxic relationships begin when we refuse to accept the little things that indicate the fact that your partner has been cheating. The first step is to trust your gut and find out if he is giving you any of these signs that show you if he is cheating.

is he cheating on me

1. Your boyfriend will always keep his phone on flight mode around you to prevent you from seeing incoming texts or calls. If not see, if he will start attending too many calls in a separate room. His battery might die out sooner. He might take his phone with him to the bathroom.

2. Boyfriends who are cheating might not initiate sex so much anymore as they used to do before, or encourage sex all the time to compensate for their lack of interest in other matters. Intimacy expressions change with different partners. He might start being quiet during sex or appear to be zoning out or doing it mechanically.

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3. If you haven’t met his friends at all or have suddenly stopped meeting them, chances are your boyfriend is cheating on you. His friends will always know more about him than you and let’s face it there is a good chance the mistress in the picture is one of his friends. Your boyfriend will not encourage you mixing with his social life. There will always be the excuse that his friends are too busy.

4. Your boyfriend’s memories will start fuzzing. He will keep forgetting which movie he saw with you and at what place did you go for that dinner. He will start forgetting the things he told you and sometimes mistakenly talk about plans you never made.

cheating boyfriend signs

5. Another red flag can be when the frequency of using generic pet names increases. He will use words like babe, honey, darling, all over the place but rarely use your name. A good way to try this out is to use his name when you talk to him, and see if the use of pet names decreases. If it doesn’t, he is running away from the risk of mixing up names while letting you feel ‘loved’.

6. Cheating boyfriends are pathetic at communication. They fail to text you back, forget to call you when they said they would, use minimum words and forget to tell you they will be running late for that date.

7. The moment he will find you suspecting even the smallest bit, he will start picking fights with you. He will call you clingy and put the blame on you for ruining the magic of the relationship. The offense is the best defense, and he will use it. This will even make you more worried about trying to save your relationship and make you blinder to other red flags. 

signs he is cheating on me

8. You will suddenly know very less about how he spends his day. His schedule is a mystery or filled with generic things. You never really know where he is. The answers to questions like ‘How was your day?’, ‘ How did that meeting go’ become shorter than ever.

9. He will start talking about space and privacy, and how these are the most important things to him in his relationship suddenly.

10. Boyfriends who are cheating just give the right amount of attention. They give enough to not reach the threshold of breaking up. They will keep you around for just enough time, but it will be extremely clear that he has a ‘million other things’ to do in his life.

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