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What to Do If Someone Cheats on You?

Being cheated on is undoubtedly a very difficult situation to be in. The misunderstandings, heartbreaks, and tears take a toll on us both mentally and emotionally. It may feel like your world has come crashing down, but you should remember to be present to whatever is happening around you. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you have been cheated on.

Try to understand why they cheated on you
In such situations, it is most advisable to not jump to conclusions. Assumptions about why your partner cheated may be running through your mind but the only thing that will provide solace is to find out the truth. Brace yourself for whatever it may be and hear your partner out.

Know that you are not at fault
It may feel like you would have done something to instigate your partner to cheat. This is far from the truth. A person need not take out their frustrations by cheating. Even if you were not in a happy relationship, cheating is never justified.

Reach out for support
Feel free to lean on your family and close friends for support. They might be able to open your eyes to certain aspects that you may be blinded towards. Your close friends and family have most likely known you for a longer time than your significant other has. Don’t feel conscious about asking for help. That’s what friends are for, right?

I was Cheated on

Express yourself
Talk it all out. Think out loud. The more you are in your own head about what may have gone wrong, the more disappointed you will feel. If you feel anger, try screaming into a pillow to get it all out. Those feelings are better expressed as compared to being held in.

Don’t make rash decisions
You may feel like going crazy or being reckless, just to get the thoughts out of your head. You are most likely to regret this. Remember to stay calm. Being composed in such a situation will serve you better in the future.

Avoid social media
Don’t feel obligated to lash out your emotions on social media. It is advisable not to call out your partner or write harsh words online. The events of your relationship are not meant for the world to see. Not everybody will understand your side of things. Also, your partner may feel like you are trying to bully him online – which is a reaction that will not help you in this situation.


Revaluate the relationship
You will need to make a conscious and well-thought decision about the direction of your relationship. Of course, this depends on the reason your partner cites as the motivation behind cheating.
For example, if a person was unhappy in the relationship, and cheated because of that, then it is best to move on rather than linger around to fix what cannot be fixed.

On the other hand, if you both are deeply in love, but the cheating happened to be a one-time mistake, then it is best to communicate with your partner about what can be done as a remedial effort. 
Based on what can be salvaged and what is too broken to fix, you will need to think in a calm and rational manner to choose what is best for you and your relationship.

Remember that you are not alone
It does feel lonely when the person you trust the most, betrays you. Remember that you are not alone. Every single person faces trouble in their relationships, some time or the other. Do not crawl up and shut yourself off to the world. Carry on with your life and try to discover who you are without your partner. Be confident and be brave with whatever decision you make.

Make a plan for what to do next
After you have time to think about what happened and after you have talked with the person who cheated on you, now you have to focus on what to do next. As mentioned, making rash decisions in the heat of the moment is never a good idea, even when it comes to cheating. So, you have to take the time and decide what is the best course of action for you. The best way to do, so go somewhere where you can be alone to revaluate things. Once you feel like you have a relatively clear mind, you can start planning on what to do next. Consider all the things that have happened and where you see things going and only then make a decision about your partner and the rest of your future – whether it is together or apart.

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