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How Can I See Who My Boyfriend is Texting?

Relationships go through ups and downs over the years, and it is natural for people in a relationship to change over time. However, there are times when changes are sudden and you get a nagging feeling that something is going on. Many women have that sneaking suspicion that often turns out to be true when they find out that their boyfriend has been talking and even cheating with someone. So, how can you find out who is your boyfriend texting? Here is how.

Signs of Cheating: Is Boyfriend Unfaithful?

Before you begin to check your boyfriend and accuse him of cheating, you need to make sure you have a good reason to check your partner. If you notice one or more of the following signs of cheating, you should probably check who your boyfriend is texting:

He is attached to his phone more than ever

It is no secret that many of us spend a great deal of time on our phones, but changes in usage patterns could indicate that something is not quired right. If your boyfriend is using his phone more often, if he takes his phone everywhere, if he makes sure you don't get a hold of his phone, or he acts strangely about his mobile device in any way, it is possible that he has something to hide.

How Can I See Who My Boyfriend is Texting
Your relationship has suddenly changed

Stress at work, family issues, emotional distress, and other factors can often affect relationships and change how partners relate to one another. However, sudden changes in behavior without a cause could indicate that something outside the relationship is affecting a couple. If your boyfriend is dressing differently, if he is suddenly busy all the time, or if he has some new moves in the bedroom, it could be cause for concern.

He is often unavailable

It is not strange that your boyfriend is unavailable during work hours and when he is out with his friends, but what about other times? When you know your boyfriend is not supposed busy, but he still doesn't get back to you in a short amount of time, you should ask yourself why.

There are plenty of little signs of infidelity, and you should trust your gut if you notice that something is not quite right with your boyfriend. If you want to find out if he could be cheating, you can ask him head-on, but if you are uncertain that you will get an honest answer, there are other ways to discover who your boyfriend is texting.

Who is My Boyfriend Texting
How Can I See Who My Boyfriend is Texting?

If you suspect that your boyfriend may be spending time with other women, you can track his phone number. There are great mobile tracker apps that you can use to discover a device's location quickly and easily. So, if you think that your boyfriend may be meeting other women, you can check his location and find out where he really is when he is not with you.

To discover who your boyfriend is texting, you can perform a reverse phone number search with GoLookUp. For the search, you need to gather suspicious phone numbers from your boyfriend's phone. When he is in the shower, for instance, check his phone and see which numbers he calls and texts frequently. He might be using other names than the real ones, so even if a text or call says "Pizza hut" or has a male name, write it down. If your boyfriend is extra sneaky, he will probably delete explicit texts or send his lover short texts about where and when they will meet. Either way, check his latest calls and texts and write down repetitive phone numbers.

reverse phone number lookup
Once you have the numbers, use GoLookUp's reverse phone number search; when you enter a phone number into the directory, it will collect public records data and provide you with a report that includes the phone number owner's:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email addresses
  • Social media accounts
  • And more

With the information, you will be able to see if your boyfriend is texting romantic partners and discover who they are. Once you have the information that you need, you can decide what you want to do and act according to the information that you have.

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