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How to Use Technology to Catch a Cheater

by Kourtney C.

Find Out How to Use Technology to Catch a Cheater

Here is How to Catch Cheater by Using Technology

People cheat, and that is the truth of the current generation. So if you have been feeling suspicious of your spouse and have an inkling that he or she might be cheating on you, why not find out the truth instead of beating yourself up wondering if they are or aren’t cheating on you. With technology making so many aspects of our lives so much simpler, using tech can also help you catch a cheater. So if you are wondering how to use technology to catch a cheater, you are in luck!

Read the Signs: 

The first step is to read the signs that could indicate your spouse is cheating on you. Turn to technology to read the signs. Is he or she getting suspicious calls on their phone? Have they locked their phone so that you can’t access it? Have they changed the passwords to their social media account? Have there been any suspicious check-ins on Facebook lately? All these signs can help you decide whether you should or shouldn’t dig further.

how to catch a cheater using technology

If you are certain that your spouse is cheating, here are some ways you can use technology to find out:

1. Check their browser history: Although most people would remember to clear their browser history, it is sometimes possible that they forget to do so. This just makes your job easier. Check to see if they have browsed some restaurant that he or she has not taken you to. Check if they have visited dating sites. Check if they have visited sites to book a hotel room.

2. Track their phone
: Most smart phones have location technology that can either be turned on or disabled. If your spouse has it turned on, you can track his or her phone to know where he or she has been. If they have it disabled, while it was enabled earlier on, they maybe you already have your answer. If your spouse has an Android phone that is logged in on a home computer, you can use the ‘Find my phone’ option to track the phone. You can use the Find my iPhone features if your spouse uses an iPhone connected to a family account.

3. Get sneaky with a recording device
: There are tons of options in digital recorders in the market. Choose a device that is not noticeable. Devices are available in various shapes and forms like pen look-alikes. Place the device as close to your spouse as possible and listen in on their conversations. You can also use a monitoring app to record sounds around your spouse’s phone. These apps allow you to listen to your spouse’s calls without being detected.

how to catch a cheaters using in social media

3. Get your hands on their phone
: Getting your hands on your cheating spouse’s phone is one of the easiest ways to catch a cheater. Maybe you could say you have to make a call and your phone’s battery is low. Find some reason to get a hold of their phone and then browse through their apps and history. Even if they have deleted the history, auto-fill can come to your rescue. Type in each letter one by one and see the auto-fill suggestions. This might just give you an insight into what your spouse has been doing online.

4. Check the cloud
: While it is possible that your spouse has deleted suspicious photos from their phone, they may have just forgotten to delete them from the cloud. Most people have their accounts connected to their home computer, so if you have your spouse’s login details, make sure you check their photostream.

If you have been wracking your brain wondering how to catch a cheater, use technology to make your job easy!


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