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Text Abbreviations You Have to Know

by Eddie V.

Text Abbreviations, Text Message Abbreviations

Common Text Message Abbreviations: These are the Most Common Ones You Should Know

SMS – Short Message Service – 3 tiny words that changed the way the world communicated. Right from using the SMS service when you are unable to answer the phone, to deliberately using SMS to say things that you do not want to speak out aloud – we have done it all.

When SMS was first introduced, the standard SMS had a 160 character limit, and the moment your SMS would go even a single character above this, your phone would take it as a second SMS, and you would be charged more. To compensate for this, SMS users developed a language of their own. Words had a few letters cut out to reduce their length; some words became acronyms, numbers were used in place of words, etc.

If you are not used to writing in the SMS language, you will not be able to decipher the language if you receive an SMS yourself. Even if you feel that you will not use the language to write, it is important to know a few basic terms used so that you can easily understand what others send you. Most of these SMS abbreviations are usually written in upper case.

Text Abbreviations

Let us look at a few commonly used SMS Abbreviations:

  • LOL – Laughing Out Loud. This is probably one of the most used SMS slang terms. It has been used so much and is so popular that it is now a part of the Oxford English Dictionary. It is a part of both the online as well as the print version of the dictionary. What is surprising is that you may also find people saying “LOL” in a conversation face-to-face or phone based.
  • BRB – Be Right back. This is usually used when you want to take a short break while you are chatting with someone.
  • B4N – Bye For Now. This is also used when you are ending a conversation and want to continue it further later during the day.
  • RBTL – Read between the lines NBD – No big deal
  • AYOR – At your own risk
  • SOML – Story of my life. 
  • DIY – Do it yourself
  • YNK – You never know
  • SSDD – Same stuff, different day
  • IDK – I don’t Know
  • IMHO – in My Honest Opinion
  • BFF – Best Friends Forever
Text Message Abbreviations
  • MFW – My Face When
  • OMG – Oh My God
  • TBT – Truth Be Told
  • TTYTT – To Tell You The Truth
  • GN – Good Night
  • OP – Original Poster
  • OC – Original Content
  • PLS – Please
  • MSG – Message
  • TWSS – That’s What She Said
  • TXT – Text
  • THX – Thanks
  • K – Ok
  • TY – Thank You
  • GTG – Got To Go
  • B4 – Before
  • R – Are
  • Y – Why
  • SRSLY – Seriously
  • AFAIK – As far as I know
  • YGTR – You got that right
  • OOTD – Outfit of the Day
  • CYT – See you tomorrow

No matter how many SMS abbreviations we cover in this article, there will be a lot more of them that are being used. Newer ones seem to be coming up every day. Some are more useful than the others. A few are very frequently used while some are not used at all.

Some of them are very specific to SMS language, and you will never hear them in a regular conversation. If you know a few of the SMS abbreviations, it will make both sending as well as reading text messages easy and quick. In our personal opinion, there is nothing incorrect about using the complete spelling and the right word and correct grammar while sending text messages.


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