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CookPad App: Social Network While Cooking – A Review of CookPad

by Eddie V.

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CookPad App Cooking App Review

CookPad was once one of the largest recipe sharing and cooking communities in Japan. Since then, they have expanded their influence to become of the best and most often used cooking and recipe apps on the internet. A large part of how the CookPad app is built is to encourage social networking and cooking at the same time. Users are encouraged to share their recipes, upload pictures of their food and even approach other users should they have questions about a recipe.

Of course, people can also share recipes they like with family and friends. The CookPad app combines looking for recipes with personal recipes from users to create an ever-evolving plethora of options for all cooks and from all levels of cooking proficiency.


What makes the CookPad App stand out?

If it's continually growing numbers of global users have anything to indicate, it is that the people of today are hungry for good food that they can make at home. There is a massive difference between how this app positions itself, and how, say does another favorite food sharing social media app – Instagram.

Instagram is famous for being a platform where people showcase the most beautiful, exciting and carefully composed pictures of everyday meals from all around the world. CookPad meanwhile, takes a distinctly different approach and invites its users to upload recipes as well as pictures of their recipes without needing to make the food look extraordinarily outstanding.

What this means is that the recipes on this app are recipes made by people at home who love delicious food. Unlike the more artistic and aesthetic approach like how it is presented on Instagram, food on the CookPad app is a lot more approachable.

CookPad App

However, there are complicated recipes on the app for both the professional and the adventurous cook. What this app does is it takes into consideration all the different kinds of cooks out there in the world and what their recipe requirements could be. It then leaves providing those recipes to its global user base – meaning that there is something for everybody on this app.

With users from all over the world making submissions, people can opt for recipes that are prevalent in their region, or take a more exotic approach by preparing a meal from a different part of the world. By making provisions for recipe pictures provided by users, it makes use of one factor that many applications on food forget – how easy the user will find it to replicate a recipe.

CookPad Review
When the pictures come from the users and do not resemble chef-made aesthetic cooking, users are more likely to test out a recipe as they feel that they have a chance in making that recipe.

CookPad is a social networking app, meaning that users are encouraged to communicate and connect. If there was a recipe you liked, but you were stuck somewhere while making it, or if the recipe you chose did not turn out the way you would have wanted it to, then you have the option of connecting with the person who posted the recipe. In this way, you can ask the uploader what you can do to improve your recipe.

CookPad App Review

The feature that lets you view the recommended searches, or the top ten searches over the past hour, increases the community feeling that this app is already so renowned for. The app also comes with a ‘trending' option and a feature that lets you browse and see what the people in your neighborhood and around you are cooking. Finally, the app enables you to input up to three ingredients so that you can find a recipe that incorporates all of them.  

The CookPad app is one of the best ways to engage with cooking not just by yourself, but as a part of a more significant global community.


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