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Best Country Singers to Follow on Instagram

by Keren P.

Country Singers, Country Singers to Follow on Instagram

Country Singers with the Best Instagram Accounts!

Instagram enables celebrity musicians to share their lives publicly with their fans. Fans who had to rely on tabloid and paparazzi earlier to get a glimpse into their idol’s lives are now allowed access to content curated by these celebrities themselves. Instagram is the social media network of choice in contemporary times and why not? It offers customizable privacy features and a medium to express yourself without having to communicate with others regularly. 

You will find a good number of country singers opening up their lives to their fans on IG. However, which accounts should you be following? Here’s a lowdown for you to be able to make your pick.

Country Singers to Follow on Instagram,

Country Singers with a Strong IG Presence

Maren MorrisMaren Morris is an up and coming country music star who provides some of the best country music content on Instagram. If you follow her Insta, you will find her documenting her rise to success with snapshots of moments spent backstage, on tours, at award ceremonies and snippets of music still yet to be released. You can also follow her IG for style inspiration. She rocks a mean vintage look. One country singer whose account you ought to follow on Insta.

Maren Morris

Lady Antebellum The popular trio from country music is just as engaging online as they are in real life. You can find them sharing photos and videos on Insta of their concerts and family events. Their Instant content is fun and is sure to enliven your day.

Lady Antebellum

Cassadee Pope Country musicians are known to be their authentic selves even at the height of their fame. They are humble, people of the earth who make no bones about who they are and what they want from life. Cassadee Pope’s Instagram account is a true representation of this. You will find her IG with a well-affected balance of photos at red carpets all dolled up and glam and photos without even a spot of make-up on her face, lounging at home. Tired of those same old IG photo filters? You won’t find any of those here.

Cassadee Pope

Tim McGraw Country music veteran, Tim McGraw doesn’t shy away from sharing his life on Instagram. He is also a doting husband and a regular person. Tim’s Insta account is filled with photos of him with wife – Faith Hill and random clicks from vacations taken. Yep. Just another person on Instagram, except he happens to be a famous country music star.

Tim McGraw

Sam Hunt Sam Hunt is still pretty new to the country music scene. Somehow, he has already managed to amass some 100,000 followers. Of course, his cuteness helps. Although not a big believer in sharing his personal life online, you will find many drool-worthy photos of his toned physique on his IG page.

Sam Hunt

Jason Aldean Jason Aldean’s IG page illustrates just how much of a Southern gentleman he is. You’ll adore his antics if you happen to relate to the lifestyle down South. He documents his beer-drinking, game-hunting and love for trucks on his Insta page.

Jason Aldean

Instagram Woos Country Singers Too

It’s true, you wouldn’t ordinarily think of country musicians when it comes to networking online. However, the singers mentioned above are just that – country signers with a notable social media presence. They’ve used Instagram as their preferred social media platform to share with their audience moments from their personal lives. Instagram has also been beneficial for them in reaching out to new people and encouraging them to listen to their music and buy their album if it's something they like.

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