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What is the Law on Extortion in Arkansas and what are the Punishments for it?

In a majority of the states in the United States of America, an act of extortion is penalized by parole, probation, incarceration, fine, as well as restitution being paid to the victims. If a person in his/her official capacity tries to procure some benefits, profits, or advantages, it is referred to as also a kind of extortion.

However, every state in the United States does not have the same legal definition for the term extortion. There are a few states wherein only when a public official performs an act of extortion, considers it as a crime of extortion. These states do not consider similar acts committed by private persons as extortion but refer to such an act as blackmail. If there is an involvement of interstate commerce in the act of extortion by using mail, phone, internet, or computers, or physically, the act can be looked upon as a Federal criminal offense.

Arkansas Extortion Law
At the same time, irrespective of whether a threat has been carried out or not cannot ascertain the commission of an act of extortion. In case a printed, written, or verbal threat is made and there is an intention to willfully or purposefully carry out a threat while the victim had reasons to believe that such a threat is real, it is adequate.

Also, a threat can be channeled toward some other person apart from the intended victim like their loved one or a family member. It should be noted that extortion is very closely linked to other crimes like robbery and bribery because all of them are different forms of larceny/theft. The difference is in the case of a robbery, the property, or the money is taken by intimidation, or force against the will of the victim, and without their consent.

 Arkansas Extortion Law

In Arkansas, a person is said to have committed an act of sexual extortion when:

  1. The act is done wilfully to coerce another individual to involve in sexually explicit conduct or sexual contact and the accused makes a threat to:
  2. a) Distribute or produce a recorded version of the engagement of the other individual depicted in a position of nudity or the engagement of the other individual in the asexually explicit act; or
  3. b) Harm the credibility or damage the property of the other individual.
  4. The act is done purposely to distribute or produce a recording of an individual when he/she is nude or indulges in sexually explicit conduct and the person makes a threat to:
  5. a) Distribute or produce a recording of another person depicted as nude or involved in a sexually explicit act; or
  6. b) Harm the other person’s reputation or his/her property; or
  7. The individual purposely causes someone else to get engaged in sexually explicit act/ sexual contact/ to distribute or produce a recording of a nude person for
  8. a) Distributing or producing a recording of some other person in a nude state or engaged in some kind of sexually explicit act.
Extortion Law Arkansas

Punishment for Extortion in Arkansas

In Arkansas, sexual extortion is a kind of Class B felony and is penalized accordingly.

To sum up:

In Arkansas, extortion means:

  1. An instance or the act of extorting
  2. Using one’s official designation or power unlawfully to procure patronage, funds, or property
  3. Something is extorted
  4. An exorbitant or excessive charge

Related Law: Bribery in Arkansas

In Arkansas, bribery refers to the practice or an act of taking or giving bribes. It is also an act undertaken to influence the political action of some other party or decision of the officials employing corrupt inducements.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
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