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Danny Trejo Arrest RecordsDanny Trejo is a Hollywood actor of Mexican descent. He was born as Dan Trejo in Echo Park which is in Los Angeles to Rivera Alice and Dany Trejo who was a construction mechanic. Danny Trejo was a convicted drug offender and after stints in various prisons made a full recovery following a twelve-step program. Danny Trejo wanted to offer back to the community and support young people stuck in a similar circumstance as he was stuck in. Hence he worked enthusiastically for different counseling and rehabilitation programs.
Early Life

While in this period, a young person asked Danny Trejo to help him deal with his drug abuse. Trejo met the youngster on the movie set named 'Runaway Train' in the year of 1986 and was perceived by the scriptwriter Edward Bunker, who was an ex-convict and employed him to prepare Eric Roberts for a sparring scene. The movie's executive Andrei Konchalovsky took a liking to Danny Trejo and offered him a little role in the film.

Danny Trejo Criminal Records

After his initial acting debut in the 'Runaway Train', he had developed an astonishing resume, showing up in as much as six motion pictures a year. In 1988, he acted in 'Prison III', 'The Invisible', and 'Desire to die 4: The Meltdown'. He lined that up with movies, like 'Impenetrable' (1988), 'Locked Up (1989), 'Set apart For Death' (1991), 'Wedlocked' (1990), 'Nail' (1991), 'Against the wall' (1994), and 'Last Light' (1993). He was selected for a role in Michael Mann's debut movie 'Warmth' (1995), which included Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

Career Highlights

Danny Trejo has acted in several Hollywood blockbuster movies such as XXX(2002), Anaconda(1997), Zombie Hunter(2014), All about money and Book of Life. He is still well known for representing the role of the machete. He married his on-screen character and the real estate professional Debbie Shreve. They have two youngsters together, Danielle and Gilbert. Following thirteen years of matrimony, the couple separated in 2010. Trejo is additionally the dad of children Jose and Danny boy, along with a girl Esmeralda from different relationships.
He as of now stays in San Fernando and is an enthusiastic fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Next to a flourishing vocation in the Film industry, Trejo has become famous as a keen investor, especially in the food and refreshment segment. He owns a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles which includes a taco cafe at La Brea. Dan Trejo has as of late operated a donut truck in L.A. He has various investments and shareholdings in multiple businesses such as espresso, brew, frozen yogurt sandwiches, baseball tops, and shirts.

Danny Trejo Police Records

Arrest record

Danny Trejo spent most of his youth behind bars. He is the son of Mexican immigrants and was only 8 years old when he smoked weed given by his uncle. By 12, he started drinking and within two years he started shooting heroin. When he was 24 he was busted while trying to sell heroin to an undercover police officer. He spent most of his 20s in and out of prison and was an inmate in infamous San Quentin State Prison.

While in prison he was a good boxer and won many bouts. Danny Trejo spent over 11 years in and out of prison but his life of crime came to a standstill when he was placed in solitary confinement because it was alleged that he threw a rock over the prison officer's head during an ongoing riot. He was told that if he was convicted, he might have to face the death penalty. This made him changed the errors of his ways and he completed the 12 step drug treatment and has not touched drugs or alcohol since then.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
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