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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Florida?

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) stores the criminal records of Florida State and, in accordance with Florida Sunshine Law, makes them accessible. Also, FDLE qualifies criminal records as public records.

FDLE has a database of criminal history information. Any individual can request for a criminal record by paying the fee required to access. You can request to access the criminal record by mail or through the website.

Why does anyone look for a criminal record check? A person who is hiring any individual will look for a criminal record check to ensure the individual chosen is not a criminal.

How Is Criminal Record Check Important?

Criminal record check is crucial for the companies and for those who are hiring a nanny or any individual. Companies will be hiring new individuals to fill empty positions. It is important for the company to check the individual's criminal record for its well-being. Also, when you are hiring a person, you must ensure that he/she is free from all sorts of criminal records.

People who are looking to hire a nanny must do a criminal check to ensure your kids are in safe hands. Criminal record check ensures safety and makes sure that you are not hiring fraudster, rapist, or person with violence.

Florida Criminal Records Search

Necessary Things to Check

When you are running a criminal check, you must make it a point to find out whether the individual has court records, credit defaults, and civil litigations, or if he/she poses a reputational risk.

Criminal Records Check and Search

You can obtain criminal history information either by visiting the website or by visiting the police station in person. To get a criminal record in person, visit the courthouse in the country or local police station.
When you search for the criminal records in person, you can see the viewable copy of the criminal record. To check this, all you require is the person's name and the location where the person was arrested.

Online through website
If you are unaware of the details where the person arrested, you can search online. It is an easy way to search. Florida State has made criminal records as public records. For checking online, you need the first name of the person, the last name of the person and city.

If you know the location of arrest and yet you want to search online, then it becomes easier. You can directly visit the Florida Clerk of Court website.

The online records provided are free to look up but to access complete details of arrest you need to pay the amount. You can pay the amount in online mode. We have plenty of websites that provide Florida state criminal records. Sites below provide access to criminal records: and

criminal Records Search Florida

You can search the criminal record by entering the details, like first name, last name, and city. The criminal record check includes the criminal report, marriage records, sex offender check, lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies and much more.

Through Mail
Florida State also provides you with the feature of requesting the criminal record by regular mail. FDLE forwards the copy to the searcher.

If no criminal record was found, the searcher would be informed with a note that no criminal records were identified. Also, FDLE compares fingerprints on the card to search result fingerprint to ensure sending accurate data.

Computerized Criminal History (CCH) files are the files searched from the FDLE website. They only provide Florida state criminal records, and no other state records are included. Also, there are chances that the data obtained today may become outdated after a few days. Hence, CCH files are updated.

Florida Online Criminal Records Search

Contacting every authority that maintains criminal records can take quite some time. To save yourself the trouble and money, you can use an online directory to find Florida criminal records. There are sites that you can use to find criminal records in the state of Florida, so you can use them to access these public records.

How are the online Florida criminal records search performed? To use a public records search directory, you need to provide the directory with an identifying detail about the person that you are searching. When the search is over, you will get a report that details the said person's public records data, including their full name, aliases, arrest records, criminal records, sex offenses they committed, and more.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 21, 2019
Sensitive Information!