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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Florida?

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) stores all the criminal records of the Florida state and, in accordance with Florida Sunshine Law, makes them accessible. Also, FDLE qualifies criminal records as public records.

FDLE has a database of criminal history information. Any individual can place a request for a criminal record by paying the fee required to access. You can request to access the criminal record in person, by mail or through the website.

Why does anyone look for a criminal record check? A person who is hiring any individual will look for a criminal record check to ensure the individual chosen is not a criminal.

Florida Criminal Stats

Florida boasts higher-than-average property and violent crime rates when compared to the rest of the United States, so if you live in the state of Florida, it might be a good idea to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way by running regular criminal record searches on people you come in contact with. 

While the crime rate went down by 9% statewide, 2018 still saw an uptick in murders and rapes in Florida, according to statistics released in June 2019. There are fewer robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries, larcenies and car thefts, but apparently 502 more rapes and 50 more murders in 2018 than in 2017. With a population of 20.98 million residents, Florida is the third most populous state in the United States. The number of inmates currently behind bars is 177,000. 

How Is Criminal Record Check Important?

Criminal record checks are crucial for companies hiring new employees, or for families hiring a nanny, a gardener or a housekeeper. For obvious reasons, it is very important to check the criminal record of a new individual that comes into your life. Criminal record checks ensure your safety and make sure that you are not hiring a fraudster, a sex offender, or a person with a history of violence or abuse.

Running a criminal record check is also a very good idea if you are an adept of online dating. T
he dating world today is largely based on dating websites and dating apps. But whenever you meet a new love interest online, you should make sure that person really is who they say they are, and are not already registered for online fraud.

Florida Criminal Records Search

Necessary Things to Check

When you are running a criminal check, you must make it a point to find out whether the individual has court records, credit defaults, and civil litigations, or if he/she poses a reputational risk.

Criminal Records Check and Search

You can obtain criminal history information by visiting the courthouse of your county or your local police station.
When you search for the criminal records in person, you can see the viewable copy of the criminal record. To check this, all you require is the person's name and the location where that person was arrested.

Online, through a website
If you are unaware of the details relating to a person's arrest or even ignore if that person was ever arrested in the first place, you can perform a search online. It is an easy way to search. Florida State has made criminal records as public records. To check online, all you will need are the first and last name of the person in question and their city of residence.

If you do know the location of an arrest, your search will be made even easier, as you can directly visit the Florida Clerk of Court website.

The online records provided are free to look up but to access complete details of an arrest you will need to pay a fee. You can usually pay the total amount online. See a few sites below, that provide access to Florida state criminal records: and

criminal Records Search Florida

The criminal record check you will return will include a criminal report but also marriage records, divorce records, current and past addresses, as well as potential aliases, arrest records, sex offenses, lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies and much more.

Through Mail
Florida State also provides you with the possibility of requesting a criminal record by regular mail. FDLE will then forwards the copy of the record to the requester.

If no criminal record was found in relationship to the person you searched for, you will be informed by mail that no criminal records were identified. Additionally, FDLE compares fingerprints on the card to search result fingerprints, to ensure they send out accurate data.

Computerized Criminal History (CCH) files are the files searched from the FDLE website. They only provide Florida state criminal records, and no other state records are included. Also, there are chances that the data obtained today may become outdated after a few days. 

Florida Online Criminal Records Search

Contacting every authority that maintains criminal records can be very time-consuming. To save yourself the trouble and money, you can use an online directory such as GoLookUp to find Florida criminal records.

GoLookUp is the
 best way to run background checks and perform criminal record searches today. The website has access to all the public records in the state, as well as the entire country. All you have to do is enter a first name and last name into the search system. Once you do, GoLookUp will scan all Florida public records to find the person you are searching for. In a matter of minutes, you will receive full data about that individual's criminal past and criminal records. GoLookUp scans millions of public records and provides users with a full criminal records report, including mugshots, arrest records, court records, etc.

All the information on the website is accurate, as it is taken from official authorities and official records, and updated in real-time. To make sure your data is safe and secure, GoLookUp operates an advanced protection network that prevents hackers from getting their hands on your data. Also, GoLookUp provides users with unlimited searches for no extra fees, so you can conduct as many queries as you need.

To conduct the most in-depth and accurate Florida criminal records search, you need a professional service such as GoLookUp that will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. 

The purpose behind GoLookUp is to make sure that people have all the information they need to protect themselves and their families. To that end, we make it easy for users to search public records, from a basic background check to criminal and arrest records. We believe that the more you know, the better you can keep your family safe. Our criminal and sex offender search functions let you know exactly who is living in your neighborhood, so that you can make informed decisions when choosing housing, schools, and places for your children to play, or when you decide to let someone new into your life.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!