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Maryland Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Maryland

In the state of Maryland, you can easily check and search the criminal records of any individual. You will be able to view details of their arrests and convictions - if any. When someone is convicted of a crime in a United States courtroom, it is considered a public event, meaning the related information is in the public record and available online.

There are many situations where it is essential to check someone’s criminal records. These may include looking for a nanny to take care of your baby, recruiting a new employee for your business, or just wanting to review a friend's driving history before a long road trip. 
Criminal records in Maryland are available as a public record, and accessible to anyone. There is nothing illegal about searching and checking someone's criminal records. If you have a need to collect information about a person, you can do so without any questions asked.

Easy Method of Criminal Records Search in Maryland

To check someone's criminal records, you can use the website of the courthouse of the state of Maryland, without charges. By entering the person’s name and selecting the years you are interested in, you can search for anyone’s criminal records, whether they have been punished with imprisonment and incarcerated in the local jail, or whether they have no criminal history.

Maryland Criminal Records Search
Procedure to Collect Information on In-Depth Criminal Records

If someone has been convicted with a criminal charge in another state before relocating to the state of Maryland, you can still search their criminal records through the website of the Maryland court. Their in-depth criminal records will be transferred from their former state of residence.

There are several ways to file an application for a Maryland criminal record search. Online, by filling a form on the website of the Maryland court or by email, or in person at a court clerk's office. To obtain the in-depth criminal records of any individual, you must first acquire written consent from them. If you submitted all the required details, the records will be sent to you within a few days. If a person denies providing written consent for you to check and search their criminal records, they may have something to hide and you may want to eliminate them from your recruiting process.

Incorrect Information within Criminal Records 

After receiving someone's criminal records, you must check the accuracy of the records. Sometimes, you may be confused with the record of a person whose name is similar to another person. If you notice any mistakes within the documents, you should send a written notice directly to the specific court which has filed or registered the criminal records.

Why Check your own Criminal Records?

You may be surprised to find out that old traffic tickets or charges that have been dropped against you appear on your criminal records. In rare cases, erroneous charges may even end up on your record due to some clerical error. It is a good idea to check your own criminal records periodically, to see what others can see.

State of Maryland Criminal Records
Sealing of Criminal Record from Public View

Sometimes, a person's criminal records may not be available for public view. It means the judge passed a motion to seal the records.

In case of a minor transgression, a convicted person may ask a judge to seal a conviction if the offense was their first one and if they successfully finished the sentence without re-offending. People who have a sealed record for a single conviction may reply with the negative when asked if they have been convicted of a crime. This is also called criminal record expungement.

In Maryland, expungements apply in both adult criminal cases and juvenile delinquency cases. A petition, or formal request, must be filed with the court where the crime occurred. If the petition is granted, the criminal records are enclosed in an envelope with the official seal of the Maryland court. A special court order is necessary to open this envelope. When a criminal record is sealed, access to the data is restricted to government personnel such as prosecutors and police, but potential landlords or employers will not have access to it.

Maryland Online Criminal Records Search

There are many cases in which people need to perform a quick criminal records search, and the above-mentioned methods cannot provide fast results. In such cases, you are advised to use a third-party website that can provide faster access to criminal records. Thankfully, there are several websites that you can use to perform an accurate, reliable, and quick Maryland online criminal records search.

When using such a directory, you will be provided with complete information about the person of interest in a matter of minutes. How does the Maryland online criminal records search work? The search engines that provide access to public records collect data and sum it up in a report. When the search is over, you will receive a report that includes the complete criminal history of the person that you searched for.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!