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What is the Law on Murder in Mississippi and What are the Punishments for it?

Murder, is undoubted, the oldest form of crime and definitely the most heinous. Nothing beats the act of intentionally putting another human’s life. It gets even worse when we come to know about the reasons or evens with which people carry out this act. It is wise and necessary to be aware of the laws that are at the core of maintaining peace in our society.

Mississippi state law categorizes as the crime of homicide as murder and capital murder. The section MISS. CODE ANN. 97-3-15, 97-3-17 , 97-3-19, 97-3-21, look at explaining the crime of murder and capital murder and its punishments.

Murder in Mississippi

  • Murder is an action leading to the death of another person under the following circumstances.
  • The murder is premeditated. The victim is another person or even an unborn child.
  • A death that occurs due to a reckless disregard for human life. This includes a scenario where the person might have other intentions such as scaring people but did not realize the consequences that their actions could possibly have on the lives of other people.
  • Death occurs while committing or attempting other felonies.
  • The punishment for murder is imprisonment for life.
Mississippi Murder Law

Capital murder in Mississippi

Capital murder is considered to be more serious and accounts for factors that make the case especially heinous.

  • It is an act of causing the death of another person under the following circumstances.
  • Knowingly or purposefully killing a peace officer or fireman when they are acting on their official duties.
  • Purposefully killing someone while serving life imprisonment.
  • Killing someone by the detonation of a bomb or any other explosive device.
  • Engaging in murder for a selfish gain that could be received on the event of the death of the victim or might have been offered by someone else.
Murder Law Mississippi
  • Capital murder covers a murder that takes place while committing or attempting a kidnapping, burglary, arson, robbery, rape, unnatural intercourse with a child less than 12 years of age, nonconsensual unnatural intercourse with a person and felonious abuse.
  • Capital murder is called so because of its punishments. An individual convicted of capital murder can be sentenced to death or imprisonment for life with or without parole.

Possible Defenses for Murder in Mississippi

There are a few scenarios that can be considered as a defense for murder or capital murder under the law of Mississippi. The punishment might get a little less severe depending on the nature and genuineness of the defense.

  • The act of killing was impulsive that occurred in the heat of the movement leaving no room for premeditation.
  • The death in question occurred accidentally with no intention of an alleged individual to harm the victim in any way.
Murder Law
  • The alleged individual is an officer who killed someone with a lawful purpose or while trying to fulfill their legal duties such as preventing someone to resist a lawful arrest or trying to prevent an escape of a felon, or while trying to arrest the perpetrator of a felony.
  • The act of killing was committed for self-defense to protect oneself from death or great personal injury from the victim.
  • An act of killing to protect their business property or place of employment from some immediate harm being caused by the current or imminent felony is also considered under self-defense.
  • The act of killing takes place while trying to suppress a riot.
  • The act of killing takes place as a result of sudden combat and the act is not cruel or unusual, does not involve the use of any dangerous weapons and has no due advantage to the defendant.
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!