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Missouri City Crime Rate: Crime Rates and Information for the State of Missouri

Crime rates reveal a lot about a city – it shows how peaceful a place can be and is a huge determining factor in deciding upon where to live. People are looking to live in a different state or city often check the crime rates associated with the place. Higher crime rates indicate more dangerous living environments resulting in fewer people moving in.

What are the crime rates like in Missouri?

The number of crimes over the past decade has in general shown a downward trend. Crime report statistics spanning over eighteen years show that both violent crime and crimes about properties have both gone down. When these statistics are used to project the crime rates for 2019, then they show that offense is further expected to go down this year.

Statistics from the year 2016 show that the rate of violent crime for the city of Missouri was lower than the average national rate for violent crime by 52.03%. Similarly, the crime rates for property crime were lower than the average national average for property crime by 31.84%. Where the state of Texas is concerned, the violent crime rate for Missouri was lower than the average state violent crime rate by 56.16%. The rate of property crime in Missouri was lower than the average state rate of property crime by 39.47%.

Missouri City Crime Rate

Which crimes are most committed in Missouri?

Overall crime rates show how much crime is committed in a city, more often focusing on crimes of devastating natures, such as violent crimes. However, looking into what kind of crimes afflicts a city the most reveal different characters to such crime data.

In 2016, the most number of instances that were crime related had to do with the property.  A total of 1263 cases of property crime were reported in Missouri that year. What this data shows is that the most prominent kind of crime in Missouri is property crime. Based on this data, the number of instances of property crime projected for the year 2019 is 1185.

The second highest instance of crime in Missouri is Larceny and Theft. A total number of 953 were reported in 2016. 949 is the number of Larceny and Theft cases that have been projected for the year 2019. These projected numbers are not actual numbers but show a general trend based on previous statistics. Since the older data shows a downward trend in crime rates in Missouri, these projected numbers reflect that downward trend.

Numbers of crime incidents that happened in 2016 also show higher numbers for burglary- 216, and violent crime- 144. The total number of events for that year relating to crime rate is 1361. Based on this data, the projected information for 2019 indicates that burglary could go down to 136 or lower violent crime could go down to 101 or lower, and the total number of incidents for the crime rate could go down to 1283.

Missouri Crime Rate

What are the other crime rates for Missouri?

Crimes that do not have high rates of incidents still occur in the city, and people need to be aware of their surroundings, always prioritizing their safety and security.

Murder and Manslaughter were reported three times in 2016, as was Arson. These make these two the least likely to occur crimes in Missouri. The projected data for each for the year 2019 is one each. Rape was reported 22 times in 2016, but the expected data for abuse for 2019 shows no decrease in crime rate trends.

Other crime rates include 94 cases of motor vehicle theft, 63 cases of aggravated assault and 56 cases of robbery. The projected data for these for the year 2019 is an increase in motor vehicle theft at 101 projected incidents, a decrease in an aggravated assault with a projected 38 cases, and a reduction in the robbery with 40 projected cases.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 26, 2021
Sensitive Information!