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Pennsylvania Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Pennsylvania

You might have to check your or someone else’s criminal records for various purposes in Pennsylvania. There are several jobs that often require background checks, especially those that require welfare or public transportation. Apart from jobs, visas, adoption, and several foreign obligations also require the citizens to submit a copy of their criminal record. And this post will help you know more about the process of checking your criminal records in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository is the body responsible for maintaining all these records along with the district and state courts. You must remember that every citizen has a right to access these records for any purposes whatsoever. So, this article will provide you with easy-to-understand instructions as to how you can obtain these records.

There are two methods through which you can access the criminal records in Pennsylvania and they are explained below.

Pennsylvania Criminal Records Search

Online Request for Pennsylvania Criminal Records 

A web-based computer application was established by the Pennsylvania State Police. This system is known by the name of PATCH, which is the short form of Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History. This system is very user-friendly and using this system, you can look up the criminal records of any individual you want. One of the best things about PATCH is that it will accept both unregistered and registered users. If it is a ‘No Record’ certificate, then 85% of the time, it will be returned to the requester at once through the Internet itself.

  • The Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository maintains a criminal history database and every piece of information that the requestor enters is matched and checked with this database.
  • When the information of the subject does not match with that present in this database, a ‘No Record’ certification will be generated by the system immediately.
  • A ‘Request Under Review’ response is given when the information regarding the subject matches with that of the database.
  • But you must remember one thing and that is, the response of ‘Request Under Review’ does not mean that the subject holds a criminal record. The information entered will be manually reviewed.
  • Once the review is done, you will get a response of either ‘Record’ or ‘No Record’.
  • When the status is uploaded, the requestor will receive an email.
  • The requestor should always print the ‘Record’ or ‘No Record’ checks at once.
  • For the status to be updated as ‘Record’ or ‘No Record’ right from the stage of ‘Request Under Review’ might take a couple of weeks.

If you want to validate the status, you have to visit the PATCH record check status screen. After that, you will have to enter the Control Number in the search request along with the name of the subject and the date on which you had submitted the request to PATCH. The corresponding record check request will be displayed on the screen and once you click on the Control Number, you will be able to view the status.

State of Pennsylvania  Criminal Records

Submitting a Request Form

This is an offline method but you can also do this in order to access the criminal record of a person. The information entered by the requester in Part I of the form will be checked against the database of the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository. This data is not compared with any file present in other places like the federal, state, or local criminal justice agencies.

For a standard record check request, you will have to pay a fee of $22, the notary fee is $5 and $20 for individual access and review. After you have filled up the form, you will have to mail it to the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository which is in Harrisburg.

Pennsylvania Online Criminal Records Search

Submitting a written request for criminal records and waiting to get the results can take quite a bit of time. So, if you need to find criminal records quickly, this is not the best way to perform the search. For a quick Pennsylvania criminal records search, you need to use a professional directory that has full access to the state's public records. There are several websites that provide access to public records, and with them, you can perform an online Pennsylvania criminal records search.

How do these websites work? They aggregate data from public records by scanning them in search of criminal records. For the websites to perform a search of Pennsylvania criminal records, you need to provide them with a detail about the person that you are searching. There are several types of directories that can provide such access, and you can lookup criminal data with them if you have the full name, phone number, email address, or the physical address of the person that you are searching. Once you enter one of these details into the public records search directory, it will provide you with the complete criminal history of the person that you are looking for. The results are provided within minutes, so you can find criminal data in no time at all by using an online Pennsylvania criminal records search site.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!