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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in South Dakota?

There is no law in South Dakota against the private citizens for accessing any type of criminal records. On the other hand, the state does not have any law either, which enable it either. As no law regulates the access, as well as, distribution of such information, the Attorney General of South Dakota under whose jurisdiction the Division of Criminal Investigation operates manages all details concerning criminal records and procures them to private citizens and the state’s other law enforcement agencies. The division is also responsible for the protection of those records that are supposed to be kept away from the general public.

If you wish to perform a criminal background check, you need to contact the Division of Criminal Investigation to do so. The requestor should get a special applicant fingerprint for the state through the Division of Criminal Investigation. While the card can be obtained free of cost, you can get it by making a phone call at the Division.

South Dakota Criminal Records Search

Also, the fingerprint card has to be filled up with minimum details such as the requestor’s social security number, date of birth, gender, and name. Thereafter, the applicant should visit any law enforcement agency in his/her locality like a police station. The visit has to be made so that the card can have its printed fingerprints. The website of the Division also has the authorization, as well as, the release form that has to be filled up by the applicant properly. Thereafter, the release and authorization form, a check amounting to 24 USD as a fee, and the fingerprint card should be dispatched to the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation.

The request is then processed by the Division and they return the relevant record as soon as possible. When the request subject does not have any criminal record, the Division sends a letter to the applicant indicating that the criminal database does not have the pertinent results. However, the search excludes sealed records, minor traffic violations, or juvenile offenses.

The Department of Corrections in South Dakota does not have easy access online inmate’s search engine because of the conflicting laws. In South Dakota, there are laws since 2006, which allow the existence of the online sex offender registry. The Division of Criminal Investigation and the Attorney General’s Office maintain and manage this registry.

Also, the registry of the website has a strong search engine, which enables users to search relevant data by providing details such as alias, name, ZIP code, neighborhood, or address. There is also a nice map search option in the search engine so that the users can navigate maps of the state’s counties and also track a sex offender therein. The search results are complete and accurate reports with a criminal history and an image of the subject.

Criminal Records Search South Dakota

Public Records of South Dakota

The website for the South Dakota State Records offers tools to all residents of South Dakota for accessing public records. The website makes sure that the residents of South Dakota can use their privileges to access and procure public records according to the Sunshine Law of South Dakota that presumes that all government records and information are accessible to the general public.

Also, the website does require the requestor to give a specific reason for searching the information or disclosing any personal data when the said record or history not deemed as confidential by the law of the state or court order. The idea is that the public enjoys the right of having proper access to state public records in South Dakota.

The kind of information included in South Dakota State Records includes state background checks, criminal records, vital records, and court records.

South Dakota Online Criminal Records Search

Another way to find South Dakota public records is to use an online search directory that can provide you with access to the state's criminal records. If you have a name, phone number, email address, or physical address, you can search online South Dakota criminal records by using those details in a professional public records search directory. Professional directories have full access to public records, unlike free public records search directories that do not have such access.

So, when you enter a detail of a person into an online public records search directory, it will begin a South Dakota online criminal records search. The search ends with you getting a criminal records' report about the person that you are searching for, a report that you will receive within minutes. The online report will include the person's personal details, their arrest records, police records, sex offenses, mugshots, convictions, and additional criminal data.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!