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How are Jail Records Collected and Where are They Stored

Criminal records are public records as any person who committed the crime and convicted in the courtroom will be a public event. Any other person who wants to know the details must contact the clerk office yet there is the possibility of sealing the criminal record. The record will be maintained by the officials who are in prison.   

Collecting Data and Storing

The data is maintained by the local police authorities, by state authorities. Each and every data is stored on a computer. Every police agency will have a record of arrest. In the same manner, the state-wide jail records are collected from the all local police agency and maintained by state repository. However, every state has its own set of rules to follow and how to maintain the database and what type of records to be maintained.

All the state repositories provide the jail records to the national center where the data is maintained. The data includes those people who committed a felony or misdemeanor. However, these jail records cannot be accessed by any citizen of the US. Instead, the data can be accessed by an authorized agency or person only.

Jail Records

Accessing the Jail record

Not every person is allowed to access the record. He must need to contact the concerned person in the clerk office or go to the local police authority or state police authority or federal department. However, the jail records are always accessible for justice agencies and law enforcement agencies. Also, the records are accessible to potential employees. Do remember the records are not accessible by the general public.

Criminal Record History

The prison records are being maintained from 1870. It was the responsibility of the National Archives and Records Administration until 1981 to maintain the data of the prisoner. Thereafter, BOP (Bureau of Prisons) is maintaining the record. To know more information about a prisoner and prison you can go through

What are Jail Records

Who is held in Jail?

Any person who is charged or arrested is kept in jail and the people who cannot obtain bail are kept in jail. Also, any individual with the federal offense whose hearing is pending is kept in jail. Few individuals who are convicted of state crimes are also asked to continue to serve in jail instead of prison. Only people who do serious felony offense are sentenced to state prison and people of federal crimes are sentenced to federal prison.

Discovering inmate data

Many local jails and prison provide information about inmates online. If you want to know the detail about an inmate who is serving in jail, you may need to contact the local police department (either county jail or city jail. If you know the full name of an inmate you may obtain all the details like his/ her age, sex, date of birth, identification number, where he is serving, and release date. Even sometimes you can also know how and why he was convicted and by which court he was sentenced.

How are Jail Records Collected

To find about an inmate release date or when he/she is expected in prison or the expected release date, you need to check in inmate locator. Federal Bureau of Prisons provides the option at and you can simply know the whereabouts of an inmate by providing BOP Register Number/ DCDC Number/ FBI Number/ INS Number or by providing the name.

How these records are helpful?

These records help when you want to know about a person criminal background. This may be when the person applied for a job or when he applied to buy a firearm or even when the person is arrested but not convicted. Also, the records help when the person wants to migrate from one corner of the world to another corner especially, during immigration checks.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 22, 2020
Sensitive Information!