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CriminalWatchDog Review: Website Review, Pricing, Features and Opt Out Information

by Robert C.

Criminal Watch Dog Review, Website Review, Pricing, Features, and Opt-Out Information

At some point in life, a background check will come in handy for anyone. Whether you want to check out a potential date, a potential date of a loved one, a possible employee or tenant, it is important to know if they possess a criminal record and if they do, for what crime they committed.

There are countless background check services on the internet, and while these services used to be accessible only by affluent individuals or companies, with the proliferation of data in our age and the rise of internet-based services, you can run a background check for a reasonable price. One of these services is CriminalWatchDog. This article will cover everything you need to know about CriminalWatchDog. 

Criminal Watch Dog Review

CriminalWatchDog Overview

CriminalWatchDog is one of the many background check companies that are available on the internet today. They specialize in criminal background checks and pre-employment screening services that are available for use by individuals and businesses alike. CriminalWatchDog has a mission statement to supply their users with accurate data, for an affordable price and do it quickly and securely. The company which has been in development for almost 30 years has almost 465 million criminal files in their database. The company was officially opened since 2004 but has been accredited by the better business bureau since 2014.


CriminalWatchDog Services

CriminalWatchdog offers a number of various criminal background checks as well as a few other services

Basic Criminal Check- This option is an affordable way to find out if someone has a criminal record. The system will search through 500 million criminal and sex offender records in order to provide you with all criminal information about an individual in the US. This tool works best if you know the exact name and date of birth of the person you are searching for. The information you can get can be felonies, misdemeanors, probations, and other criminal offenses.

Advanced Criminal Check- Using CriminalWatchDog’s advanced criminal check, in addition to finding everything available in a basic criminal check, you can find out any past names or known aliases of the person based on their social security number and get all the information from all related names in one report. 

Advanced Plus Criminal Check- This tool allows you to do everything in the Advanced package, and will also obtain case records from county courthouses. This service can take between 1-4 business days to complete as they need to access these records from the court. If you are looking for a specific record in a specific county, the search will provide you with an address history of the person you are looking for, which allows you to choose where you want to continue your search. 

US Trace- This tool validates social security numbers and addresses. By inputting a social security number, CriminalWatchDog will provide all associated names, phone numbers, and addresses. 

US Validation- This tool lets you check social security numbers to see if they are valid. When submitting a social security number, the system cross-references it with the Death Master Index to see if someone is using a false identity.

Sex Offender Search- This service is provided free by CriminalWatchDog and allows users to search the sex offenders list via location or by name. 

CriminalWatchDog guarantees the authenticity of its data and if they are unable to provide you with a complete background check, a refund will be issued to your account.  In addition to these services, CriminalWatchDog operates a resource center. The resource center provides valuable information in the form of articles on a wide array of subjects. These subjects range from Workplace Culture to Background Check Info and Employee Engagement. 

CriminalWatchDog Costs

CriminalWatchDog does not work on a subscription basis, meaning you pay per search, however, they do offer corporate services and discounts for larger accounts, you can get in touch to receive a price proposal. 

CriminalWatchDog cost

  • State Criminal Background Check: $12.95
  • Regional Criminal Background Check: $14.95
  • National Criminal Background Check: $18.95
  • Advanced State Criminal Check: $18.95
  • Advanced Regional Criminal Check: $27.95
  • Advanced National Criminal Check: $38.95
  • Advanced National Plus Criminal Package: $69.95
  • County Check: $19.95
  • US Trace: $7.95
  • US Validation: $6.95 

How Does CriminalWatchDog Work?

CriminalWatchDog gathers millions of criminal records from various different sources and makes these records easily searchable and accessible. You will first need to select which type of search you want to run, either National, State, Regional or County. You will then need to insert your search criteria, this includes name, date of birth and social security number if available. You will then be prompted to log in or make an account. Following the creation of the account and inserting your payment details you will be able to access the report. 

CriminalWatchDog Opt Out

How to Opt-Out of CriminalWatchDog

Unfortunately, CriminalWatchDog does not provide an opt-out tool. However, this does not mean it is impossible to do. You can request to have your information removed by getting in touch with CriminalWatchDog at (781) 577 2805 or send them a mail at: 

CriminalWatchDog Headquarters

303 Wyman Street, Suite 300 

Waltham, MA 02451

There is also a webpage that you can use to contact them and in the message box, you can request to have your information from the database. Keep in mind however that many of these databases are updated automatically, so your information may come up again. 

There are also third-party services to remove your information from sites that sell this information, but they charge a service fee. 

CriminalWatchDog Review

The site is very easy to navigate. It is very good at what it offers, which is criminal background checks, but for a similar price, you can get the same services and more from other background search sites online. The site has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau but has mixed reviews about its other services online. Some people claimed that they had a public criminal record, but when searching for themselves on CriminalWatchDog, the results showed there was no criminal record. 


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