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What is Cyber Crime and Cyber Crime Penalties

by Keren P.

Cyber Crime, What is Cyber Crime, Cyber Crime Cases

Cyber Crime Examples and their Punishments

The internet has become the go-to tool in every aspect of our lives. People barter using applications. While many internet related objectives are amazing, crimes are being committed left, right and center on the internet - known as cybercrime. To put it perspective, the computer-oriented crime involves the use of a computer and a network. Let us look at some examples and the punishments.


We have heard this often – a website has been hacked. This method of invading the privacy of people has been around where hackers invade social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using private messages and using it for negative uses. Before people realize what has occurred, they end up in the doghouse because of hackers who make their lives hell. Changing your password is the best way, and if you feel that you have been hacked, devise methods to keep yourself safe.

Cyber Crime


Cybercriminals crawl the net, and even if you have a secure firewall in place or an anti-virus software updated, they can hack your webcam and post your most intimate details online. With child porn raising its ugly head, stalkers and cybercriminals devise nefarious methods in communicating with kids, and before the child knows it s/, he is in the web of traffickers. This is the most pervasive way to use children in getting people with dirty minds to click and make a play for the ideal child.

Ill-Gotten Wealth

Financial fraud has become rather slick and cunning with cybercriminals using methods to get you to cash in on a supposedly great buy or incentive. The innocent follow instructions and before they know it their saving accounts are emptied, while the fraudster walks away without leaving a trace behind. Not many people follow due diligence. Using this to up their game cons entice people with no antennae and cash in so that the person is duped while the criminals reap their ill-gotten wealth.



Malware, ransomware and Trojan viruses are targeted on computers to infect systems. The perps get their time in the sun as they inflict damage through various sources. When a computer is infected with a virus, and you happen to open an attachment from an infected computer, the virus spreads. Another method that cybercriminals use is to take control of your system, and expect you to pay up in bitcoin.

What is Cyber Crime


Trafficking in all its forms, right from human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other forms of trafficking are on the rise. Perps use the darknet, through encrypted messages, source buyers and sellers and make their play. By the time law enforcement catches up on the traffickers finding the paper trail can be daunting, as a criminal knows how two cover her/his tracks well. Terrorists also find ways to indulge in their horrid activities on the internet.

Penalties for Cyber Crime Cases

Punishments are levied on cybercriminals based on the evidence put forward. The science of digital forensics helps analyze computers ways and methods to track crooks to make an arrest. The first step is to locate the server. Figuring out the server from where the perp works can take a while as all of them are extremely tech-savvy, and think faster than anyone else. Developing countries do not have robust laws to combat cybercrime. Using this as a way forward, many perps ensure that they bounce their servers from developing countries making it difficult to nab them while they are indulging in bad behavior. Punishment for a cybercriminal is jail term but many escapes using loopholes to get them out. In the US, assets of cybercriminals are frozen so that they cannot indulge in nefarious activity. This practice should be adopted across nations to nip the menace.

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