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What Are Narcissistic Marriage Problems and How To Deal With Them?

by Sam S.

Narcissistic Marriage Problems, Narcissistic Marriage

Tips for Dealing with Narcissistic Behavior in a Marriage

So let’s understand what exactly a Narcissist is and further what exactly is a Narcissist marriage. Before marriage, the spouse personality seems different and after marriage, it changes.

The real person actually has a personality disorder, which is actually very destructive.

A narcissist person lies, lives in a false image and manipulates. Moreover, this kind of spouse will not let anyone be smarter and better. Further, this syndrome can lead to serious arguments and false blame for flirting and cheating on the spouse. As far as possible, there is not be any competition between the husband and wife.

Below Are The Conditions for Narcissist Behavior In Marriage:


A narcissist person feels that there is someone better than him, and that’s why feels jealous. This kind of jealousy can cause heated arguments, flirting or unfaithfulness. Hence, the solution is to avoid competition with such a person.

Total Control

A narcissist person will control you because that’s their general habit. They will further try to make you feel guilty for what you do. They will try to exploit your weaknesses.

Other traits include sweet language, gestures, arguments and blaming.

Narcissistic Marriage Problems

Spouse and Children

Normally, parents put their children before anything else in the world. But, a narcissist parent is different. They view their child as a controlling object and someone who takes away the attention from them.

Such a narcissist person also thinks about how the spouse competes with the children.

Credit Giving Issues

The narcissist spouse always expects to seek attention in everything that he does. No one has the right to take away the credit for the work done. You can never say that someone is better than your spouse because that will lead to a bout of aggression, foul language, and arguments.

Narcissistic Abuse

The most alarming negative aspect of getting married to a narcissist partner is abuse. Further, these problems are so serious that they can eventually lead to a divorce.

Verbal Abuse

The most common symptom of such narcissist behavior is verbal abuse and aggression. The narcissist spouse uses such verbal abuse to intimidate the spouse. Such behaviour includes unfair criticism, bullying in front of everyone, blaming you about all that she hates, accusing without any base, shaming without any shame, ordering and being demanding.

These are a few symptoms along with anger issues and threats.

Overtly Sensitive Person

The narcissist spouse will accuse you of being over sensitive. He will do anything to prove himself and get his way. From charming you to making false promises, he can go to any extent.

The person with narcissist behavior kind of frames a mask and displays himself as a lovable and perfect person. But, he is different in reality.

Emotional Blackmail

The most common trait of a narcissist spouse is emotionally blackmailing you. He often does not let you love your kids, eat food and use money. He emotionally blackmails you, to take charge over you.

Physical Abuse

Apart from verbal abuse, a narcissist partner can also indulge in physical abuse. These include throwing things, harming personal belonging, beating you and burning clothes.

This behavior can be dealt with by taking help.

These are some Narcissistic Personality Disorder Marriage Problems.

Narcissistic Marriage

How To Recover From a Narcissistic Marriage

Please talk to your spouse about seeking help. It is better to deal with this problem as soon as possible so that the narcissist spouse does not take control over your life.

Do not bear the consequences of this marriage for long, else it will lead to a permanent abusive marriage, which will also have a psychological impact on you and your entire family.

These people have no empathy for others, need excessive attention and have troubled relationships. They cannot bear the slightest of criticism. Behind all of this, there is a fragile self-confidence, which is vulnerable even to the lowest level of criticism.

Narcissist personality disease can lead to many problems in life – work, relationships, financial affairs, and school work. They are always unhappy with their life and disappointed when they do not get special favors. They feel that their relationships are not satisfying.

This type of behavior is caused due to environmental factors, genetic diseases, neuro reasons, and more.

Some researchers also believe that this type of behavior is caused due to parents being either overprotective or neglecting.

The negative impact of this disorder can lead to relationship problems, physical and health issues, alcohol misuse, suicide thoughts, depression, and anxiety.

Seek medical and professional help for such an issue.



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