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12 Craziest Laws in Delaware

by Eric C.

Craziest Laws in Delaware, Craziest Delaware Laws

Weirdest Delaware Laws

Delaware, also known as the "diamond state", is the second smallest state in the United States, but anyone who has visited there can tell you it has a huge heart. With its famous river and rich history, Delaware has accomplished quite a few things, despite its small stature. Aside from its history and accomplishments, Delaware is also known for having some strange laws still in effect today. The following are the weirdest laws in Delaware, and they are certainly entertaining.

Weirdest Laws in Delaware

It is illegal to fly over large bodies of water

There is nothing like a relaxing flight over water, but when in Delaware, it is illegal to do so. However, if you have sufficient food and water for everyone on board, you are good to go.

You cannot pretend to sleep on boardwalk benches

Wait, what? What does this mean? That you can sleep on boardwalk benches for real, but if you pretend to do so, you will go to jail? Weird Delaware law indeed.

It is illegal to change clothes inside cars

If you happen to go to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, do not change your clothes in your vehicle. It is illegal to do so!

Craziest Laws in Delaware

Ugly men cannot go into the city before dark

We wonder if there is a bouncer in Delaware who deems who is ugly and who is not. Hopefully, everyone passes the test and gets to go into Delaware cities.

You cannot use your vehicle as a picnic spot

In Fenwick Island, people are prohibited from eating in or on their vehicles. That is right – your car is not a patch of grass, and you cannot use it to have picnics!

It is illegal to marry on a dare

We can think of plenty of reasons why you should not jump into a marriage, but this is a first; if someone dares you to get married in Delaware and you take on the dare, you can end up in prison.

You cannot sell dead people if you do not have a license for it

This is probably one of the creepiest and weirdest laws in the United States that we have ever heard of; we are not sure what prompted legislators to make selling dead bodies illegal, but we are certain they had their reasons. However, if you want to sell bodies for money and you have the license for it, that's legit in Delaware.

craziest Delaware Laws

It is illegal to change swimsuits in public restrooms

If you have spent your day at the beach and you want to change out of your swimsuit in a public bathroom – think again. You'll have to get creative with how you change your clothes in Delaware. May we suggest a hidden spot and a large cover-up of sorts?

You are not allowed to whisper in church or within 300 feet of a church

Rehoboth Beach does not mess around when it comes to respecting the church. If you step into a church or are within 300 feet from a church, you better not whistle your favorite tunes. Try humming instead.

It is illegal to drink and dance in the same party spot

Wow, this one is pretty harsh…according to the law in Delaware, "No person shall sell, give, dispense, provide or keep or cause to be sold, given, dispensed, provided or kept any alcoholic beverage on the premises of any dance hall establishment.". This means that owners of public venues cannot serve alcohol if there's any dancing going on, and vice versa.

Crazy Laws

Six-year-old girls cannot run around the beach if they are not fully clothed

Yes, this is truly a law in Delaware: § 198-13. Topless bathing suits prohibited. "No female over the age of five years shall wear a topless bathing suit or otherwise fail to cover her breasts with less than a fully opaque covering of any portion thereof below the upper portion of the nipple.

Pawnbrokers cannot take artificial limbs

If you are thinking about taking someone's artificial limb and pawning it off in Delaware – you better think again. If you do so, you will not have a leg to stand on in court (come on, we had to say it!)

Well, what do you think? Are these weird Delaware laws truly weird to you? or can your state compete with what Delaware has to offer? Either way, every state with weird and funny laws is all the more interesting, and you can continue reading about the weirdest laws in the United States on GoLookUp.


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