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Different Type of Laws

by Nicole M.

Different Type of Laws, Types of Laws

What are the Different Types of Laws in the Country?

The Laws of the country encompasses the rules and regulations and these play an important role as a guideline that helps you understand what will be accepted within the society or a country. A law practitioner can get many options for a different type of law areas for legal practice. The different types of laws are as follows.

Banking and Finance Law

It helps to regulate financial products and focuses on transaction of different loans. Finance lawyers provide their services for a wide range of financial and banking areas. For example, practitioners of banking and finance law server advice on a simple bank loan, a multinational company with high standard financial arrangements and so on.

Criminal Law

When a person commits criminal activities, he or she is punished according to criminal law. It helps to protect society and it should be applied equally on the convicted persons. Violation of the law is considered as a criminal activity and the convicted person is punished considering the criminal law of the state.

Family Law

It involves the legal issues within the family and domestic relationship including the terminations of family relationship and child law and marriage as well as a civil partnership. Family law provides the protection for the rights as well as responsibilities of the family members.

Different Type of Laws
Media Law

It helps to regulate information technology, advertising, telecommunications industry, broadcasting, internet, and entertainment industry. Media plays an important role to offer a report for investigation, discussion, debate, background checking, and analysis. Especially, it helps to govern which may be broadcast or published.
Insurance Law

It is essential to regulate the policies and claims for the insurance which is a perfect way to protect yourself and your family without a financial loss. Many insurance companies offer their services according to the insurance law.

Aviation Law

It is important to solve the legal issues related to air travel and plays an important role to keep the aviation industry fair, safe, and efficient.

Construction Law

It helps to solve the issues which are related to engineering and building constructional work. You can meet a lawyer specialized in the construction law area for any kind of dispute for working within a constructional business. The disputes of constructional business may involve defective construction or illegal plan for the constructional project.

Environmental Law

It provides protection to the environment and makes rules for the people to use natural resources. It also helps to control pollution, utilization of natural resources, mineral harvesting, and population of fish as well as animals.

Types of Laws
Energy and Infrastructure Law

The lawyers, who practice within the area of energy and infrastructure law, are also named as project lawyers. It involves transactions within the sector of energy and the projects of telecommunications, rail, and road considering technical, geographical, strategic, commercial, and political factors.

Gaming Law

It helps to solve the issues which are related to gaming as well as the gambling industry. It helps to judge the legal right of gambling and it may be involved within the criminal law, company law, competition law, regulatory law, contract law, and so on.

Immigration Law

A lawyer, who provides services within the area of immigration law, plays an important role as a counselor and an advisor to the immigrants and foreign citizens. They also provide guidelines and assistance for some matters such as green cards, deportation issues, visa application, citizenship as well as naturalization and employment for the candidate who is non-citizens.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property represents the creation of intelligence or mind such as designs, artworks, literary works, symbols, names, and images that are used within the commercial business. Intellectual property law helps to protect intellectual property.



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