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How to Get Your DMV Record in Minnesota

Do you live and work in the state of Minnesota? Do you commute to work every day? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then it's extremely important to have a clean driving history record. So the obvious question that arises is how to do DMV Record Search in Minnesota. The Driver and Vehicle Services division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is tasked with providing driving history records to the general public and other interested parties.

Personal details included in the driving history records are protected by privacy statues of the US code title eighteen and as such are not available freely. Individuals themselves can only access their own information. Nonetheless, third party requests are also entertained when the record holder has authorized a written and notarized consent. The division provides three types of records:
  • Five years of noncertified copy that only contains details of convictions.
  • Certified copy of driving history record that contains details of every record maintained by the DMV.
  • Certified copy plus a letter indicating the original date of the granting the license.
Forms for Minnesota DMV record search are listed here. A search and processing fee is applicable to all requests. The division distributes four types of driving history records. They are as follows:

Minnesota DMV Record Search

Commercial inquiry

Commercial operators are required by law to submit a proper authorization from the concerned individual and must sign a legal access agreement in order to do the Minnesota DMV record search. The operator may face criminal charges if the provided data is used for nefarious purposes.

Individual inquiry

Individual drivers can request their own data by filling this form and depositing the necessary fees along with their request. Fees for these services are listed here. Individuals can also authorize a third party to obtain their records for them by filling a grant access authorization form. It is important to point out that merely granting authorization to a third party may not entitle them to receive records and the division has the final say if the request can be allowed to proceed or not.

Government access

Special access is reserved for court office requests, law enforcement agencies, and other government offices. These requests are processed by the criminal justice computer network.
Crash report request

Each and every vehicle involved in a crash that results in injury, death, or experiences a monetary loss of in excess of USD 1000 or more is required by law to submit an accident report within ten days of the incident. Requests for a crash report may only be submitted after twenty days after the date of the accident. These reports are used by insurance and other governmental agencies. Law enforcement agencies are entitled to query crash report records from the division of vehicle services.

The crash report can be requested by filling up MINNESOTA CRASH RECORD REQUEST form, depositing the requisite fees and submitting everything in person or via mail at Driver and Vehicle Services, 445 Minnesota Street, St Paul, Minnesota 55101 5161.

DMV Record Search Minnesota
A lot more information regarding policy, procedure, fees, law, documents, forms, and other frequently asked questions are listed on this page.

These records can only be obtained in person by visiting the central office of Driver and Vehicle Services located at

Town Square Building

445 Minnesota Street, Suite 190
Saint Paul, MN 55101-5190

The division has also listed emails for queries regarding driver licenses and motor vehicles respectively. They are as follows:



For any other query, you can dial 651 2962940. The division has also listed a special no 651 2826555 for use by callers having difficulty in hearing or by deaf people.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 27, 2021
Sensitive Information!