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How to Get Your DMV Record in New Mexico?

A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), also known as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record, is the account of the driving history of a driving license holder and his/her registered motor vehicle. A DMV is the foremost Government record for validation of the driving history and record of traffic and on-road safety violations of the license holder.

For the State of New Mexico, a DMV is recorded, updated and issued by the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD).


The Department provides direct access to DMV records through their online services section to applicants and also the facility of offline application through their field offices and their MVD Mobile center. The complete list of field offices and nodal centers of the Department can be accessed on the locations page of their official site. Furthermore, the schedule of their MVD mobile center or submission for an MVD mobile unit can be viewed on their MVD schedule page.

New Mexico Driving Records

How to do a New Mexico DMV Record Search?

Online Search

To conduct an online DMV Record Search New Mexico, you can visit the MVD official page for record services. The online records only contain the driving records for the past 3 years and they can be accessed by:

  • The Driving License holder in whose name the DMV has been recorded.
  • Legitimate businesses i.e. insurance companies, transport companies, travel companies, etc. who possess a legitimate need to access the DMV record.
  • Government Entities with the legal authority to review a DMV record.

Businesses and Government bodies are required to register for subscriber services towards New Mexico DMV Public Record Search, of the MVD with an annual subscription fee of $75, wherein the subscriber gets 10 user ids who can access interactive as well as point-to-point records for:

  • Driver History
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Vehicle, Lien, and Registration
  • Complete information on Vehicle Registration

Representatives of Courts, Law Enforcement Agencies and government agencies with jurisdiction in New Mexico may seek further guidance for a State DMV Record Search by calling 505.982.8307 or 1.877.660.3468.

To conduct a New Mexico DMV Driving Record Search, you must submit the DL number of the DMV subject; his/her date of birth and the last four digits of his/her Social Security Number. Additionally, you will have the option to retrieve a non-certified driver record for a fee of $6.63 or a certified driver record for $9.99. The fees are only payable via credit card.

A non-certified DMV record does not have any legal validity and it only serves the informational purpose of the applicant. A certified DMV record, on the other hand, is a legitimate document and it is the prescribed submission towards applications for employment, insurance, background verifications and submissions in court.

Public Records New Mexico

Offline Search

New Mexico DMV Records Search can also be done offline at any field office of the MVD or the MVD mobile unit. Requirements for submission of information and fees are the same. In either case of online or offline application, the records can be retrieved on the very same day and no later than the next working day. Online DMV records are only available for the past three years but applicants can seek complete DMV records of themselves by visiting an MVD field office in person.

In case you seek to register for the subscription services, you can also seek DMV records by postal mail by writing to the following address. While Government agencies and legitimate businesses can subscribe to DMV records for the past 3 years, they can only be provided the complete DMV history of a license holder for legitimate reasons that do not infringe upon the right to privacy of the license holder.

Attn: Subscriber Services,

New Mexico Interactive

4001 Office Court Dr,

Suite 704, Santa Fe,

(Please enclose a $75 money order or check in the name of New Mexico Interactive)

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!