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How to Get Your DMV Record in Virginia

Virginia DMV (Department of Motor and Vehicles) provides many services online. You can do Virginia DMV record Search conveniently if you have any requirement as a citizen of Virginia or you have been transferred to Virginia regarding your driving license and your car.


Available information in Virginia Driving Record

The driving record is very important for insurance, employment, and any purpose related to the government. You can make Virginia DMV Driving Record Search and get information present in your driving record. The information available in Virginia driving record is as follows.

  • Name and address of the person
  • The license status of the person
  • Evaluation of demerit points including a traffic violation
  • Listing of traffic accidents if you had made or involved
  • The report of DUI conviction regarding you in Virginia
Virginia Driving Records

Procedure to Virginia DMV Record Search

Every state has specific ways of State DMV Record Search. Virginia has mainly three ways such as in-person, online, and by mail to search your driving records. You follow the way as per your choice to get the detailed information regarding your driving records. The different searching ways for DMV records are as follows.

  • The service portal of DMV Record Search Virginia will help you to get your driving record online after placing a request.
  • You can visit personally to the customer-care center of DMV to get a certified copy of your driving record by showing your current and valid photo ID issued by the Government. Otherwise, you can personally submit an application to Virginia DMV to get a certified copy of your driving record through the mail with the attachment of proper documentation.
  • If you want to get the certified copy of your driving record through the mail, you will have to fill a form provided by Virginia DMV. The form contains your permanent address and full name, Social security number and appropriate reasons for the requirement of the certified copy of your driving record in Virginia. You will also have to pay eight dollars as a fee for a certified copy of your driving record. Apart from that, you will have to pay an extra five dollars for each certified copy additionally.

You will not have to pay any fee to collect a certified copy of your driving record if it is ordered by the agencies under the state, federal, or local government, rescue squad or volunteer fire service company or the special program by the court-appointed advocate. Moreover, you will get a reduction for the fee of a certified copy of your driving record under specific associations such as the American Red Cross, Faith in Action, and so on.

Public Records Virginia

Benefits of collecting a certified copy of DMV Record

Virginia DMV Record Search is essential to collect your DMV record within the state. If the evaluation of your driving record shows that you are a good driver, you will get many benefits considering your DMV record and some of these benefits are as follows.

  • If you are accused of a traffic violation, you can submit your good DMV record as a document of your good driving experience.
  • Your driving record plays an important role to display your driving history. It can help you to avoid an offense of traffic violations. Apart from that, your good driving record will help you to deal with the insurance company due to an accident or other issues related to your vehicle.
  • The insurance company will allow you special coverage or a special rate considering your good driving record.
  • Your good DMV record will allow you to get special job opportunities in some specific areas.
  • It helps to evaluate your driving efficiency. You can get a job easily as a commercial driver of the truck, instructor of driving education, driver of a school bus, and so on due to your good DMV record.

You can choose an agency for Virginia DMV Public Record Search to get your DMV record easily.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!