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How to Find Driving Records in West Virginia?

As an employeryou might want to include a prospective employee’s driving record search as part of the background search you customarily conduct. It can tell you a lot about your potential hire. You can find out whether he/she respects the law, is responsible for the roads and so on. 

What Information Can You Find in Driving Records

driving record or motor vehicle report is an official document of a citizen’s driving history, maintained by the state government. It lists any and all incidences with the law that a driver might have faced. If they’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket or have committed a DUI, this information is made public on their driving records. 

It can be very advantageous to have a clean driving record without any motor vehicle misdemeanors to your name. Such a clean driving record could help you win low insurance premium plans from insurance companies. It could also improve your hiring prospects at work. 

West Virginia Driving Records

A driving record attests for your character, of sorts.
 It informs the public whether you can be trusted with a motor vehicle on the roads and whether you have respect for the laws set out by the government.

Getting Driving Records Online

If you are a resident of West Virginia and wish to skip the hassle of applying for your driving record offline, you can do so. You can obtain your driving record online by visiting West Virginia’s DMV website. DMV offers an online Driving Record service which you can avail to receive your online driving record. You will need to supply your Name, Driver’s License Number, DOB and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number to be able to successfully apply for driving record online. Th processing fee charged for the same depends on the information you supply. If you are able to supply your driver’s license number, a fee of $7.5 is charged. In other cases, a fee of $8.5 is charged. 

You are required to submit the filled-in Driving Record Request (DMV-101-PS1) form and attach a copy of your driving license or other government-approved photo ID.

Remember that an online driving record is not the same as an official driving record. If you wish to receive an official document that lists your driving history, you must apply for the driving record with the West Virginia DMV offline. We discuss the steps you can take to do so below.
Driving Records West Virginia

You can apply for an offline official driving record document by visiting your nearest local DMV office in West Virginia or mailing across to West Virginia’s DMV headquarters.
 Much the same procedure is to be followed for this too. You have to submit and attach the filled-in DMV-101-PS1 form with a copy of any government-approved photo ID. Alsoinclude the necessary processing fee and supply your mailing address where you would like the driving record to be mailed to you. All mail requests are to be sent to – WV DMV, Driving Records Section, PO Box 17020, Charleston, WV 25317. 

If you are not applying for the driving record personally and somebody else is applying on your behalf, you need to supply them with a filled-in Release Authorization Form. The same is available online on the WV DMV website.

If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with the DMV via phone/fax/email. The details for this are shared below :

Phone – (304) 926-3952

Fax – (304) 957-7584

Email – DMVDrivingRecordFax@wv.gov

A driving record is a public record of your identity as a driver, keep it as clean as possible for your own benefit.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 29, 2020
Sensitive Information!