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How to Find Driving Records in Wisconsin?

driving record can prove handy in several situations. It could be of help for you or for your employer. A driving record is basically an official document that the government maintains on your driving behavior. It contains any traffic or motor vehicle misdemeanors that you may have committed after obtaining your driving license.

What Information Can You Find in Driving Records

You can find a gamut of driving-related information on your driving record. A driving record is maintained for you as soon as you receive a driving license authorizing you to drive. It contains information on all your driving cases, speeding tickets, license suspensions and the like. 

Most people try to keep a clean driving record as they do not wish to leave a bad impression on others. A driving record is publicly available and can attest to your responsibility as a citizen out on public roads. If you have, repeat motor vehicle offenses, it could reflect badly on your ability to follow governmental rules. An employer would not wish to follow such an individual.

Insurance companies also tend to favor individuals with a clean driving record when offering their premiums.

Wisconsin Driving Records

Getting Driving Records Online

The Wisconsin Government Department of Transportation runs an online application for retrieving driving records.
 You may use it to avail of your own driving record by supplying your email ID. The service will email you your online driving record in PDF format. You will be required to provide a fee of $5 for every time you want to access your driving record. The $5 transaction fee cannot be refunded and you cannot cancel your online transaction once you have confirmed the same.

 In order to use this serviceyou will need a Wisconsin ID number, the last four digits of your social security number and your DOB. If you do not have your driving license number of other government ID number with youyou will need to provide your complete social security number and your name. 

The online service is down for maintenance on Sundays 6 am-9 am.

Most offenses that a person commits remain on their driving record for a maximum of 5 years, unless it is alcohol-related. If you have undergone an address change after registering for your driving record, kindly mention this on your application. 

You can also choose to apply for your Wisconsin driving record offline. As it is, the online document cannot be used for official purposes, unlike the official document. All you have to do to receive your driving record offline in Wisconsin is download and printout the MV2896 form from the Wisconsin Government Department of Transportation website. They will then need to attach the requisite transaction fees to this application and mail this to – Driver Information Section, P.O. Box 7983, Madison, WI 53707-7983. If you still have any queries or concerns, you can call them in at (608) 264-7447 or fax them at (608) 267-3812. 

Driving Records Wisconsin

A driving record can be a handy document to keep. You can affix it along with your other certificates when applying for a job. If the job happens to be in the transportation or delivery/supply sector, they will especially appreciate your effort in doing so. These jobs require individuals that they can entrust their motor vehicles too. If you have a driving record filled with speeding tickets and other legal mishaps, they will not want to hire you for their job. However, if you can provide the evidence of a clean driving record, it improves your chances of getting hired over the next applicant who fails to do so. Apply for your Wisconsin driving record online or offline, depending on your needs and keep it with you. You never know when the need for it arises.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 6, 2020
Sensitive Information!