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Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush!

by Eddie V.

Electric Toothbrush, Electric Toothbrush Benefits

Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush!

Dentists nowadays overwhelmingly recommend electric toothbrushes as the best way to keep teeth plaque-free and clean. This does not mean buying an electric toothbrush and using it will automatically guarantee excellent results. It is important to brush twice a day and spend a minimum of two minutes per session brushing using the proper technique.

Do understand that an electric toothbrush is not the same as a battery powered one. The latter is more similar to manual brushes with the only difference being the AA batteries making the bristles vibrate, resulting in some extra cleaning. Actual electric toothbrushes plug into the wall and can be recharged. The brush heads should be changed every three months to six months. Only the handle remains the same. The head is available in different sizes and shapes and they also work differently. Heads may oscillate, rotate, or vibrate. Sonic technology could also be used.

Electric toothbrushes come with a number of features like special modes suitable for sensitive teeth, whitening, and gum massage. High-end electric brushes have pressure sensors which let the user know if he or she brushes too hard. Digital reminders could be present to inform you that it is time to replace the brush head.


Teeth, tongue, and gums are kept healthier and cleaner

The bristles on manual brushes are not enough to remove all the tartar and plaque that gets accumulated between the teeth over a course of time. The reason is that we do not properly brush our teeth. This problem gets solved when you use the electric brush. The rotating head of this device has bristles which could reach much deeper due to the combo of equal pressure and motion from the brush. It is vital to have equal pressure. One big defect of manual brushing is that one side of the mouth is kept cleaner than the other due to unequal pressure exerted on the two.

Longer and thorough brushing of teeth

The electric toothbrushes are programmed to spend equal time in every quadrant to ensure longer and better brush behavior. The result is super clean teeth. This is why electric toothbrushes are best for children. Most kids brush up after a meal but do not access all the food build areas inside the mouth. This especially happens to children who wear braces. The electric toothbrush makes a superb compromise. Parents can count on the brush to reach all places which kids can miss when they use a manual brush.

The electric toothbrush does all the grunt work

We are creatures of habit. Your manual brushing could be imperfect when you are not paying attention. The electric toothbrush could help you to clean those easily overlooked places. You not only brush better and longer but smarter as well.

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No bad breath

Any bad breath is nothing but a symptom of plaque and food lodged in the spaces between the teeth and along the gums. The foul smell can be easily eliminated by a combination of regular flossing and electric toothbrush use. The machine finds and eliminates the food lodged between the teeth.

Easy use

Electric toothbrush offers the best cleaning action for your teeth. Your only job is to guide the machine along the teeth surface. It is easy once you get used to the action. Electric toothbrushes are ideal for people who suffer from arthritis and other similar condition. It helps not only the kids but also the elderly to brush their teeth more efficiently. Do check with the manufacturer the minimum age of using the electric toothbrush before you buy it for your children.

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