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What is Family Search with GoLookUp?

GoLookUp uses advanced public records data base to find and locate people in the United States. While the data base is connected and cross references billions of records, a family search would only take you a few minutes. Using a robust, smart algorithm GoLookUp analyzes and delivers information on anyone living in the United States. If GoLookUp can not find a record, it would redirect you to a parter who would. If you are looking for a family member and do not know where to start, simply enter their first and last name; as well as the state you think or know they live in. Once records are analyzed you will answer and select from easy questions that will help the data base pinpoint the results for you. Searching for free, so you can search for unlimited family members at any time!

Family Search
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How to Find Lost Relatives. Step by Step Guide

Finding lost relatives is easier than ever, thanks to online resources that nearly everyone can access. If you want to find family members that you are no longer in touch with or relatives you have never met, these are the steps you need to follow: Collect as much information as possible – you need, at the very least, basic information about relatives that you want to find; gather full names, last known address, phone numbers, names of friends, or any other information about lost family members.

Get on Google – or any other search engine for that matter, and enter the information you have gathered. Search engines can provide you with information about people, mainly their contact information, so you can use them to track down relatives. The more information you have, the more accurate the results will be, so try to collect as much data as possible so you won't have to sift through millions of search results.

Use social media – social media is another online resource that you can use to find information about relatives; with social media, you can enter names, occupation, and location to find people, so it is a great and quick method for finding relatives who are no longer in touch with you.

find lost relative
Find a Lost Relative
how to maintain close family bond
Keeping Family Together

How to Keep Maintain a Family Bond and Close Ties

The modern, hectic lifestyle often robs people of important experiences; one modernday issue that many people deal with is not having enough experience with their family. However, even you do not have a lot of spare time on your hands, that are things that you can do to strengthen the bond with your family:

Have meals together – it does not have to be a daily ritual, so you do not need to feel pressured to set aside time every day to share a meal with your family. Instead, set aside time every week to share a meal with your family and catch up on what everyone is up to.

Go on mini-vacations – spending time away from home and the daily routine is a great way to bond with your family; your family vacations do not have to be far from home or last for days – instead, focus on planning vacations where you can do activities with your family, even if the vacation only lasts a couple of days.

Share your children's' interests – most parents would agree that their children do not always share their interests, but that does not mean they cannot do those activities together; to stay connected with your children and other family members, take an active interest in the things they love, and do those activities together – that is the very definition of quality time.

10 Tips to Get Over Family Disputes!

Conflict with family members is natural, but it should not poison the bond you have with your relatives. To diffuse arguments and get over family disputes, use these tried and tested tips:

  1. Do not resolve the dispute while angry – when things get heated, you and your family members might say things you will regret and will not be able to take back. To avoid that, do not engage in a fight, and instead, take a break to cool down and think about what is next best move.
  2. Stay focused on the matter at hand – do not drudge up things from the past that are irrelevant in the present; focus on the current dispute and how it can be resolved.
  3. Speak about your point of view – if you are not honest about what you feel, you will not be able to resolve the issues you have with your family. So, be honest and say what you feel in a respective and understandable manner.
  4. Listen to the other side – just as you want to be heard, your family wants to feel that you are listening to them; try to open your ears and mind when in conflict, and let your family members speak their mind.
  5. Be proactive – do not wait for other people to offer up resolutions for the dispute. Instead, think about how you and your family can move forward and the best ways to resolve your issues.
  6. Do not take it hard – in most cases, family disputes are about things that can be easily resolved, so make sure you do not blow things out of proportion because it will only make things worse.
  7. Focus on the problem, not the people – try not to attribute negative qualities to the people you have a dispute with. Instead, remember that the problem is the issue and not the person.
  8. Put yourself in the other person's shoes – listening to people is not enough; you should try and understand where they are coming from so you can reach a mutual solution to family disputes.
  9. Think about other family members – think about how disputes with certain family members can negatively affect other people in your family – this will motivate you to find a solution and not carry on a dispute.
  10. Don’t forget to forgive – at the end of the day, the best way to get over a family dispute is to forgive the people that took part in the dispute; unless something unforgivable or criminal happens, try to forgive others to lighten your soul and move forward.

Public Records Family Search

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 27, 2022
Sensitive Information!