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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Florida

by Eddie V.

Firearm License Florida, Florida Firearms License

How to Get a Firearm License in Florida

Any resident in the state of Florida has the right to apply for a license application at a Fast Track Office. The offices are equipped with everything you may require to complete your application process. You can easily complete it in one trip only. However, please note that all applicants must complete a firearms training courses and thus be well-aware of all safety-related issues. 

Eligibility for a Florida Firearms License

A person above the age of 18 years can use a gun. A 16-year-old on a hunting trip under adult supervision is also allowed to use a gun.

To own a gun, a license is not required. However, if you plan to carry a concealed weapon, then you need the necessary paperwork done. People of Florida are also not required to register their guns by law.


The following condition renders you ineligible

  • A physical condition that might bring danger
  • A convicted felon unless other specifications are present
  • Misdemeanor related conduct of criminal nature which is serving unless the required sentence is completed or other conditions are applied
  • Misdemeanor crime of violence which has been conducted in the last three years.
  • History of drug abuse and violent crimes like assault with firearms in the recent past
  • An applicant with drug or alcohol related abuse and crimes which can be called violent I nature
  • More than two DUIs in the recent past of two years
Firearm License
  • Had been in a mental institution due to problems with mental faculty, reasoning, and logic
  • Not being good at handling firearms in the past
  • A domestic violence offender with multiple records of similar or related crimes that had been reported
  • Renouncement of U.S. citizenship.
  • A dishonorable discharge from the armed forces.
  • I am being a fugitive from justice.

Acceptable forms of training are:

  • Any hunter education
  • National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course is required
  • Firearms safety or training course or class did under a certified instructor who has the competency and required training and credentials can be considered provided the conditions are fulfilled
  • Law enforcement firearms safety or training course that is regulated and has been recognized
  • Firearms training or safety course accepted by the law enforcement as meeting necessary requirement

Make sure the certificate of your completed course has the following information name, instructor's name, instructor's qualifications/credentials and instructor's license/certification number.

Florida Firearms License

Application procedure for a Florida Firearms License:

  • Request an application to the Florida Department of Agriculture
  • You will receive a packet with a copy of the Florida statutes chapter 790 and a fingerprint card. Read the statute before applying for the permit
  • Complete fingerprint kit
  • Provide background information -social security number, birth date, and a criminal background check
  • Take weapon classes from a certified instructor ( fee of the course is around $65)
  • Pass the class
  • Get a passport photo taken and submit it with the application
  • Get your application notarized
  • You must send in your application, the fingerprints, and your passport picture to the Florida Department of Agriculture by mail
  • It may take up to 90 days to process the application.

First-time applicants should bear in mind that

  • They meet eligibility criteria
  • Competency with a firearm

You can renew your license at one of the eight regional offices. It can also be done online and in-person or by mail.

The applications are to be made to The Florida Department of Agriculture, and Consumer Services regulates gun licenses, Division of Licensing Box 6687 Tallahassee, FL 32314-6687, 850-488-3022.

If you are in the state of Florida and decide to get a license for your firearm, do go through the requirements of eligibility and apply according to the steps as stated above.

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