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A Guide for Getting a Firearms License in Georgia

by Garry S.

Firearm License Georgia, Georgia Firearms License

How to Get a Firearms License in Georgia

It is very easy to get a gun license in Georgia. Georgia is a shall issue state, so you don't need to provide any reason for carrying a gun. Only you need to meet the state's qualifications and then apply to your county's probate court. Check that you meet the requirements before using, and consult with an attorney if you have questions. One of the main criteria is that you must be a US citizen or lawful alien and your weapons license has not been revoked in the last three years.

Qualifications or requirements for a Georgia gun permit 

1. Age requirement
It is mandatory that you are either 21 years old or older to get a gun license in Georgia.

2. Not a criminal
You Won't be able to get a gun license if you have a felony conviction in Georgia or any other state. You are not allowed to get a license if you have criminal proceedings to attend or if you are a fugitive.

3. Drug-free
You are not eligible for a permit if you have a drug conviction. If you have been convicted for any offense related to drugs, like manufacturing it, distribution or use, you cannot get a license. However, You can get a gun license if you’ve been free of supervision for at least five years.

Firearm License
4. Mental stability
If you have been committed to a mental institution against your will, then you are not eligible to get a gun license. However, the county’s probate judge can approve your application if you have been in a mental hospital. The superintendent of your treatment center will be asked their opinion, and you will need to pay an extra fee.

How to apply for your Georgia firearms license

In case you want to apply for a permit to purchase guns or firearms, follow the following steps.

1. Apply for the license
Take your proof of residency and your state-issued photo ID like your valid driver’s license. You can also use other forms of identification, like your voter’s ID, income tax records and so on.

2. Find out about the fees at the county courthouse
You can do this by visiting your county courthouse where you live. Find the phone number and call to check the costs. The average fee is $75, and each county has its one fees. You need to find out what the acceptable methods of payment are.
Georgia Firearms License
3. Complete the application
You can apply directly to the courthouse in person. You will have to get a picture taken to submit along with the application. The clerk at the courthouse will give you a request for a firearms license.

Provide your address, so that the courthouse can send your license to your home. Otherwise, you’ll need to come and pick it up in person.

4. Give your fingerprints
After applying for the license at the courthouse, you will need to have your fingerprints taken. Some counties require you to go to the police department to get your fingerprints.

5. Your application will be processed
Within five days of your application, the judge will request for a background check, and the law enforcement will analyze your criminal history. They will decide in 30 days. You will then receive your license. However, if you are denied a gun license under unlawful pretenses, the state of Georgia allows you to sue.

You can use your Georgia license in other states, and it has reciprocity with 31 other states.

Licenses you receive in Georgia are valid for five years. In case your license has expired, you can still get it renewed as long as it has been expired for less than 30 days.

How to check Georgia firearm license restrictions

As mentioned above, there are certain restrictions that can prevent you from getting a Georgia firearm license. To make sure that all your records are in order and there are no mistakes that can prevent you from getting a Georgia firearm license, you can run a background check on yourself by using GoLookUp's online directory.

When you enter your name into the directory, it will scan public records in the state of Georgia. At the end of the search, you will get a report that includes all your background data, including your criminal records. Thanks to the search, you will be able to find out if there are any things from your past that can prevent you from getting a Georgia firearm license. If you notice any mistakes in your records that can prevent you from getting a firearm license, you can contact the authorities that made the mistake and ask to repair the mistake.

You can also use GoLookUp's background check to find out if other people have any details in their past that can restrict them from getting a Georgia firearm license.  

Background Check for Firearms in the State of Georgia

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