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A Guide for Getting a Kansas Gun License

by Keren P.

Firearm License Kansas State, Kansas State Firearms License

How to Get a Firearm License in Kansas

Kansas is a Shall Issue state which means that the state will issue you a firearm license if you meet all the stipulated eligibility requirements. You may open carry or conceal carry. The individual applying for a firearm permit in the State of Kansas must be a resident, at least 21 years of age and have had completed a firearm training course. An out-of-state travel permit may be issued in certain cases for which an application will have to be filed with the local sheriff. The application is executed under oath at the local sheriff’s office and must be filled out in his/her presence for this reason. As far as reciprocity is concerned, 37 states honor a Kansas firearm permit and Kansas, in turn, recognizes firearm permits from 53 states.

Eligibility Requirements for a Kansas Gun License

The following are the basic eligibility requirements you must fulfill to obtain a Kansas firearm permit –

  • Be 21 years old or more.
  • Have completed an 8-hour firearm training course.
  • Have either citizenship rights in the US, or are a permanent resident alien or an eligible non-immigrant alien
  • Be stationed on military duty in Kansas if not a resident
  • Nor prohibited by federal law to possess a firearm
  • A resident of the county where applying for the license
  • Are familiar with the provisions of the Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act
Firearm License Kansas State

Procedures to Follow

Once you are through with your mandatory firearm training course, here are the steps you should follow to receive your firearm license in Kansas –

  • Download the application under the FORMS tab from the official website of Kansas State.
  • Complete filling in the application form and then submit it in person to the County Sheriff’s office with a photocopy of your firearm training certificate, recent passport-sized color photo, another photocopy of a state-issued ID and two separate checks for the licensing fee i.e. one addressed to the county sheriff and the other to the State Attorney General.
  • The County Sheriff’s role is to receive this application and collect the fees, fingerprint the applicant, have him/her sign a record check waiver/statement and forward the entire packet to the Attorney General’s Office for processing.
  • If the individual’s application has been approved, he/she will be notified by mail.

The permit issued will be valid for four years after which it will need to be renewed again. Issuance and renewal of firearm permits require a background check to be performed on the applicant. It can take a maximum of 90 days for your concealed carry permit to be processed in Kansas. You are provided a 6-month window in which you can renew your permit after it expires without having to apply fresh as you would for a new permit.

Kansas State Firearms License
You can conceal carry a firearm within the state premises without always having to have your firearm license on person. However, it is recommended to carry it anyhow.

The license allows you to have your firearm handy in any state park, national forest, roadside rest areas, public areas and so on. You may even carry it to a restaurant unless they expressly direct you to do otherwise. Having a gun in your possession while you are under the influence of any drug/alcohol is a punishable offense by law. The mandatory training course is applicable even for those who are currently employed by the military. The Stand Your Ground law applicable in Kansas legalizes you to use your gun on another when faced with a life threat as long as you are authorized to be where you are, concerning the location.



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