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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Nevada

by Toni S.

Firearm License Nevada State, Nevada State Firearms License

How to obtain a firearm license in Nevada?

If you are looking to purchase a firearm in the state of Nevada, you need to have some information. An eligible Nevada resident with a valid Nevada-issued ID can visit any firearms dealership and buy a gun without any requirement of a handgun permit or license. It is a shall issue state with open carry laws.

How to purchase a firearm in Nevada?
Follow the steps below to purchase a firearm in Nevada:

1. Check if you are eligible to buy a gun
Some individuals are not allowed to purchase a gun.

- You are not permitted clearance to buy a gun if you are a convicted felon, a fugitive from the justice system, an illegal alien, addicted to drugs or alcohol, mentally ill, dishonorably discharged from the military, or convicted of domestic violence or any other type of harassment.

- You must be at least 18 years of age to buy a rifle or shotgun and 21 to buy a handgun from a federal firearms dealer.

2. Collect the documents and fees required to buy a gun
- The gun dealer requires you to provide a form of government-issued photo identification like your Nevada drivers license or identification card from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

- It costs 25 dollars to cover the POS background check. The fee is non-refundable, even if you do not pass the background check.

Firearm License Nevada State

3. You can check out any Nevada gun dealership to buy a gun
You need to carry your identification documents and fees with you to the gun dealership.

4. Complete the background check form
After you decide which type of gun you want to buy, the dealer will provide you with a form to complete for the background check.

4. Wait for the results of your background check
If you are eligible and your background check is clear, you will be able to go home with your new gun. Most counties in Nevada allow you to buy your gun and take it back after passing the background check.

How to apply for a concealed handgun license
Most law-abiding adults are eligible to obtain a carrying concealed weapons permit in Nevada. It is illegal to carry a concealed handgun without a permit throughout the state.

The requirements to obtain a concealed handgun permit in Nevada are:

- the applicant is at least 21 years old or older.

- the applicant is not prohibited from owning a firearm under Nevada or federal law

- The applicant has completed a firearm safety course. There is a certificate to prove the successful completion of a firearm safety course from a law enforcement agency.

It takes about 120 days to process your application.

Nevada State Firearms License

Your application for a concealed handgun license may be denied or your existing permit canceled if:

- You have an outstanding arrest warrant.

- You have been declared incompetent or insane and unable to safely handle a firearm.

- You have been voluntarily or involuntarily committed to a mental institution in the past five years

- You are an addict or a user of alcohol and drugs to the extent that your normal faculties are impaired.

- You have been convicted of a crime that involves stalking or domestic violence, or you are currently subject to a restraining order, injunction or other order for protection against domestic violence

- You are a fugitive from justice

- You are residing in the United States illegally or if you have renounced your U.S. citizenship

- You have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces.

There is no refund for your concealed handgun license application fee if you are denied one.


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