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A Guide for Getting a New Mexico Gun License

by Keren P.

Gun License New Mexico State, New Mexico State Gun License

How to Get a Firearm License in New Mexico

In New Mexico, gun laws regulate the possession, use, and sale of ammunition and firearms in the state. It is one of those American states where firearms laws are the least restrictive in the nation.

In fact, New Mexico is referred to as a “Shall Issue” state where concealed carry licenses for firearms are given only to residents. Also, the gun/firearms laws in New Mexico are by a large liberal in comparison to many other states in America. The laws also enable an individual to transfer his firearm license from some other state into a license in New Mexico in case the other state’s concealed carry laws resemble that of New Mexico’s. It is legal and common to carry a firearm in the open and one just requires a license for conceal carry.

However, New Mexico gives a concealed permit to only residents.  Concealed loaded firearms can be carried for self-protection in a private vehicle.

An individual with a firearm license should have his/her license for concealed handgun always while having a concealed handgun. A peace officer may demand to the licensee to display their concealed handgun license.

Gun License New Mexico State

New Mexico Gun License Requirements

 Here are the requirements to get a firearms license in New Mexico:
1. Must be a citizen of America
2. Should be a minimum of 21-year-old or older
3. Should not be a runaway from justice
4. Should not be charged with a felony either in New Mexico or for that matter in any other states
5. Should not be restricted by any state or federal law, or from other jurisdiction to possess or buy a gun/firearm
6. An individual should not have been declared as mentally unfit/incompetent or committed to any mental institution
7. He/she should not abuse any kind of controlled substances or addicted to alcohol
8. The person concerned should have successfully undergone a training course in firearms, which has been approved by the concerned department for the caliber and category of the firearms, which the applicant desires to get the license for carrying as a concealed firearm

New Mexico State Gun License

9. The concerned authority may not approve a license for a concealed handgun to any applicant who has been discharged conditionally, deferment, or a diversion or has pled guilty to any misdemeanor crime while driving and being under the influence of any kind of intoxicating drugs or alcohol within 5 years just before the concealed handgun license application, or had been charged with the 10 year time period before the misdemeanor offense application related to the abuse or possession of any kind of a controlled substance. It can also be due to the charge of any misdemeanor crime related to battery, Battery against any member of the household, or assault.

New Mexico Background Check or NICS check

Also, the concerned department will check all the available and relevant records. They will thereafter send the fingerprints of the applicant for a criminal background check to the relevant investigation agency (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

The licenses or permits for concealed handgun have validity for a time period of 4 (four) years from the date when the license was issued unless the permit is revoked or suspended. At the same time, there is a 2 years requalification requirement in New Mexico.

Timeline for the issuance of New Mexico gun permit

The department issues or denies a license for concealed handgun/firearms to the applicant within 30 days from the date of the receipt of the completed application, as well as, the outcomes of the criminal background check. A permit application can be denied when an applicant did not succeed in being eligible for the license of a concealed handgun according to the provisions mentioned in the state’s Concealed Handgun Carry Act.

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